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Inside Our 6-Month Back Pocket Blogger Retainer

Grow Traffic off Social Media with Keywords Your Clients are Actively Searching For

Grow Traffic off Social Media with Keywords Your Clients are Actively Searching For


Back Pocket Blogger is the ultimate solution for busy photographers who want to not only grow their traffic to increase their lead pool but also want to spend less time posting on social media just to get the next client.

With Back Pocket Blogger, the second your highlights from your session are ready, you can get an optimized blog post back within 72 business hours.

Between photographing double-header weddings & evenings spent hunkering down and editing, your blog backlog continues to grow a mile a minute.

All it takes is one blog post that ranks #1 to catapult traffic.

What's Included

Track your inquiries from Google with our monthly check-in system. We have an internal system that will help you easily track how much you've made from your blogging investment.



What's the point of blogging if the posts don't give you traffic? We provide monthly analytics reports so that you can stay on top of how your posts are ranking. This provides us invaluable insights too, as we can start to see a pattern of what posts are resonating most.

Monthly Analytics Reports


We're firm believers in the Keyword First Method. Our goal is that your blog posts actually rank on Google. No matter what post you want written, we'll find a keyword that works for the topic at hand and will upload and schedule with proper alt text, interlinking, meta descriptions, and more.

Uploading with SEO & Scheduling


No more waiting around for your marketing to start. With blogging, the sooner you start to post, the better. Your competitors are already posting consistently, so with 72 hour turnaround times, we're giving you an advantage to help you climb up the rankings sooner.

72 Hour Turnaround Times


Your blog posts should be more than just a place to show off your work. They should actually help and educate your reader. This is how you quickly become an expert in your industry. We'll write 2 posts with up to 1500 words each per month to help you get a boost in the rankings. 

2 Blog Posts Per Month


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Pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $500

Payment plan options:


The Investment

Book your Experience

Your work is incredible. You're talented at what you do. You've got the incredible client reviews to back it up.

Buuuut, your referrals can only keep you going for so long. In Back Pocket Blogger, we help you rank on Google now so that future you can book clients with more ease.

A beautiful website means nothing if it's getting no traffic.


Results from Blogging

There's a reason our clients usually stay blogging with us for more than 6 months.

Tiff's traffic is up 472% & she holds 12 spots on page 1 since we started working together in June '23.

Tiff, PA Wedding Photographer

Kylee's traffic is up 175% & 63% of her monthly traffic comes solely from the blog posts we wrote.

Kylee, PA Wedding Photographer

Devin's traffic is up 450% and one blog post averages 500 organic clicks a month.

Devin, IL Wedding Photographer

Eilish's traffic is up 200% & 50% of her organic traffic comes just from blog posts we've written.

Eilish, VA Wedding Photographer

The blog posts we wrote Emily receive 1200+ organic visitors from Google's rankings.

Emily, MI Wedding Photographer

Teresa has 257 monthly clicks coming from just 6 blog posts that we've written.

Teresa, CT Wedding Photographer

Within 2 months of publishing, 37% of Kendra's monthly traffic came just from blogs.

Kendra, AZ Family Photographer

Adrienne's traffic is up 168% and 82% of organic traffic comes just from blogs we've written.

Adrienne, WA Pet Wedding Attendant

24% of Bri's monthly traffic comes from just our blogs we wrote targeting her area.

Bri, VA Wedding Photographer

Susan holds 3 spots on page 1 (including 2 #1 spots) from blog posts we've written!

Susan, NYC Wedding Photographer

Francesca holds 3 spots on page 1 from posts we've written targeting her exact clientele.

Francesca, NYC Portrait Photographer

Alex has 3 blog posts on page one of the 6 that we wrote for them!

Alex, OK Wedding Photographer

Bethany's traffic is up 500% with 7 posts also ranking #1 on Google for their keywords.

Bethany, Brand & Web Designer

68% of Kendra's organic traffic comes just from blog posts we've written targeting New England.

Kendra, MA Wedding Photographer

This service is makes blogging effortless for you. All you have to do is send us your photos & let us know any specific details you'll want to include. Then, watch your traffic climb.

We'll be your Back Pocket Bloggers. Here's how it works.

Like we said, easy as pie. Just rinse and repeat. Submit your posts one at a time throughout the month for a maximum of 2 monthly.

Rinse & Repeat

72 hours after you leave feedback, we'll post your blog. Share it to get more eyes on it!

Share Your New Blog

Within 72 hours, your blog post will hit your inbox. Leave your feedback to add any final details.

Leave your feedback

Fill out a short form to send over your photos & information about the post you want written.

Submit your post

Never worry about not using your 2 posts a month. During onboarding, rank our pre-selected keywords so there are back-ups.

Choose your back-ups

Our time together starts when you inquire using any of the yellow buttons on this page. We'll reach out with either the contract + invoice or a call link!

inquiry + onboarding

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be on a certain platform?

Nope! As long as you have a website platform that allows blogging, we can publish your blogs for you. Simple as that!

What if I forget to submit one month?

You'll never have to worry about "missing out" on your posts each month. Once we hit a week before your month resets, if you've not submitted anything, we select topics based on your onboarding questionnaire to write for you. Whether it's one post or two, we'll write them and send them to you to review before we publish them. Our goal is to get you traffic. Letting you forget about your monthly posts isn't an option for us!

Be honest - how likely are results?

Currently, every one of our monthly blogging clients has at least 1 post on page one of search results. Many of our clients also hold #1 rankings, resulting in hundreds of clicks to just a single blog post alone. While we can't guarantee results, we do know how to write blog posts that will get you more visible. We also analyze the monthly reports to see if we can help create a plan of what's working and what's not to make sure you're getting the best results possible in this offer.

Why is the service 6 months?

Blog posts can take anywhere from 6-12 months to start ranking. Historically, in the photography niche, we've found our clients start to get ranking around the 6-month mark, sometimes slightly sooner. Six months together ensures that we can help you achieve the best results possible.

How do I know if this is for me?

If blogging has been on your to-do list for ages, if you're curious about blogging as a traffic tool, or if you just can't keep up with blogging on your own anymore, this is the service for you. We've helped photographers who have had no posts build up their traffic and have helped those with hundreds of posts already bolster their already high traffic.

Can I submit more than 2 posts a month?

Absolutely. While your package includes 2 monthly posts, you can pre-submit your post requests for upcoming months. This is especially helpful if you know you have busy months coming up.

What if I'm not a photographer?

No worries at all! Check out our results above - we've worked with a variety of niches, including designers, wedding pros, and more. Plus, we run a travel blog that we've grown to 70k monthly pageviews and counting. We are confident writing in any niche if you provide enough details in your post submissions. 

Let's do it

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Blogging can have a snowball effect. One post you publish now can be getting you 500+ monthly organic visitors 6 months from now. Invest in your blogging today to finally get traffic off social media.

Completely hand off your blogging and watch your traffic grow.