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Stand out from the crowd without lifting a finger, by handing your rebrand off to Inkpot Creative.

Completely Transform 
Your Business with 
Intentional, Bold Branding, 
Web Design, & SEO

Completely Transform 
Your Business with 
Intentional Bold Branding, Web Design, & SEO


It’s all three of those elements working in tandem with your magnetic personality that signals to your dream clients that you’re the only one for them.

But the key to booking more clients isn’t just a thoughtful SEO strategy, a bold brand, or an engaging website.

Whether you’ve been in the game for a while, or you’re starting your business with a bang, you know how important it is for your wedding photography business to stand out.

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A past, more ambitious version of you might have thought they could handle it. But the fact that “new brand and website” keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list begs to differ.

Instead of spending another wedding season with a roster full of “meh” clients because your website doesn’t represent your goals, let us handle the hard parts of building your brand, website, and SEO strategy. 

Oh, and did we mention that your new brand and website will be ready to launch in just 4 weeks? Yeah, that part.

But you’re too busy being creative to strategize your own SEO, design your brand from scratch, and build your own website.

Here’s what’s included in this biz-transforming service:

Your single stop for a scroll-stopping brand, awe-inspiring website, and done-for-you SEO strategy that gets you spotted through the search engine noise.

Welcome to The Rebrand Edit

Why bother paying for a brand and website if you're not even sure how to use it correctly? You'll get rebrand support through a brand guide that shows you how to use your brand, custom website tutorials showing you how to update your website, and launch support.

Rebrand & Website Support


There’s no use in pouring all your energy and resources into a website that no one visits. That’s why we roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty with your SEO to make sure that your brand is positioned to be found by the right people.

Website SEO


We’re firm believers that weird websites work wonders for wedding photographers. Because when your dream clients have looked at a gajillion websites that look, feel, and sound the same, your “this is weird but I like it” website feels like a breath of fresh air.

Web Design


Our approach to branding is unique because we infuse the important strategic work with the parts of your personality that act as a magnet to your dream clients. That means we’re looking at your target client, your competitors, your marketing, and YOU in order to build a brand that puts the fun in functional.

Brand Strategy
& Design


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Pay in full or 5 monthly payments of $1540

Payment plan options:


The Investment

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You’re a talented, innovative photographer who goes to great lengths to take extra care of your clients. You’ve worked hard to build your business, but you still feel like you’re missing something.

It’s not skills, creativity, or passion that you’re lacking. It’s a brand and website experience that celebrates you and centers your dream clients.

Your website might  be working, but it’s not werking.


Check Out These Rebrands

Previous Transformations

After Rebranding

-Kylee Boaman

"Inkpot Creative helps you design your website with a very quick but efficient and spot-on system. They offer so many helpful ideas that 100% align with your business branding and are always open to the seemingly most bizarre or ‘out there’ ideas. If you want your site to stand out amongst the rest, hit up Inkpot."

Kylee’s all-new brand is bold, colorful, and unique, just like her! Based in Pennsylvania and working primarily with Gen-Z and Millennial couples and clients, Kylee wanted a brand and website that both represented her as a creative and connected with her audience. The result? A funky brand with a website that brings her brand experience to life. Plus, the website is fun to experience, just like how fun it is to work with Kylee.

Kylee now has a bold brand and matching website that lives up to her reputation.

Kylee B Photography

Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

After Rebranding

-Kendra Rubalcaba

“You both are very quick to answer questions. I felt like you were there for me anytime. And I had a ton of questions! Being old school I was a bit nervous not having more in person contact. But I just knew you were going to be amazing and you were. I absolutely love your work and how efficient you are with communication. I will recommend you every time I know someone rebranding.”

Before reaching out, Kendra recently went full-time in business after teaching for many years. With taking the leap, she knew she needed a brand and website that portrayed the value of her work. Primarily working with families, we created a new brand that featured a tree reminiscent of a family tree, to visually showcase what she does. Within a month of launching, the blog posts we wrote accounted for 41% of her Google traffic already. 

From a templated design to a brand & website deeply rooted in Kendra’s values and work.

Kendra Lee Imagery

Arizona Family Photographer

After Rebranding

-Sara Bishop

“KP is fukkking dope! She fully grasped the dichotomy of my brand and translated it into an incredible website design. When I saw the first wireframe of the home page I was speechless. My website finally reflects my brand and I’m beyond grateful to her! Just hire her. It’s worth it.”

Based in Arizona, Bish is a wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer with a super fun personality. She and her couples know how to have a good time, and her work really speaks for itself. When she first reached out, her website was on Squarespace, and she was ready for something that felt a little bit more like her and represented the direction that her brand and website were going.

Bish now has an elevated brand and website that shows off her fun personality.

Sara Bishop Photography

Arizona Wedding Photographer

After Rebranding

-Suzanne Fiore-Haywood

"Inkpot Creative not only gave me a stunning, one of a kind new website, they also gave me a new and improved vision for my business. They are the ultimate professionals, creative thinkers and quality people with a keen attention to detail. What more can you ask for in your web designers?! I cannot recommend them highly enough! If you're a photographer ready to take your business to the next level, Inkpot Creative needs to be part of your journey to getting there!"

Suzanne is a photographer based in NJ who also serves NYC. She's had a brand and website for a while but always wondered how she was actually different from other photographers. We crafted a legacy-building brand design to deeply connect to her work, as she primarily does portrait photography. This can be seen in the unique monogram used throughout the brand. We then brought it to life on a new Showit website.

Suzanne's rebrand is rooted in heritage & legacy, just like her photography work.

Suzanne Fiore Photography

NJ Portrait Photographer

After Rebranding

-Katie MacDonald

"Inkpot Creative had my full trust from when I first inquired. They had great ways for me to discover what my brand identity is and helped me with each step on choosing colors and design. They listened to my feedback and respected my wishes. They worked quickly and efficiently and last but certainly not least - they delivered an amazing end product!"

Katie is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While her old brand had gotten her this far, she was ready for one that elevated her look and matched the level of her expertise. We worked with Katie to craft a new brand, with slight nods to Taylor Swift (her favorite artist), while also being in integrity with who she is as a creative. The result? A fun, sparkly pink brand that's leveled out with oranges, teals, and yellows. Her website is just as fun, allowing her to finally step up to the next level of her photography business.

Katie's new brand is sparkly and sleek, showing off what makes her different.

Katie MacDonald Photography

Pa wedding photographer

After Rebranding

-Diana Lustig

"Working with KP & Jessie is a must for any brand looking for bold, bright and beautiful design. As a designer myself, I spent too much time thinking about all the things I could do to change my photography brand. But at the end of the day, I was too close to the project and needed outside help. KP & Jessie came in with some great designs that represented myself and my brand better than I could have. To make things even better, they are super organized and efficient. The process was so smooth and it's clear they've spent a lot of time dialing in the customer experience. I would definitely recommend these two and I already have to many people!"

Love and Latitudes is an elopement photography business run by Diana. With a focus on showcasing love stories of all kinds, Diana was ready to level up both her brand and her website. Diana already had a primary logo she loved, so we built the rest of the brand suite to match and elevate the overall look. The result included fun icons of Joshua Trees, cacti, and more, just like what you'd see while eloping in the southwest. 

Diana's brand & website is bold and bright while showing off her incredible elopement work.

Love & Latitudes

Southwest Elopement Photographer

After Rebranding

-Kendahl Belman

"Look no further than Inkpot Creative! Seriously. I was driving myself crazy trying to find the perfect person to help me with my rebrand when I found them. They are talented beyond words! They helped me completely transform my business and took all the stress off of me. I would hire them again and again if I could!"

When Kendahl first reached out, she let us know that her business had been changing a lot. She was changing her business name to something that was more in line with her and needed a whole new brand and website to help move her into that era. We worked together to create a brand and website that fully represented her and her new business name, allowing her to connect with clients.

Kendahl completely rebranded not only her visuals but also her brand name to step into a whole new era.

Light My Love Photo + Film

Denver Wedding Photographer

Starting with brand strategy that makes you a competitive force to be reckoned with, and ending with the scroll-stopping, search engine optimized website of your dreams. Here’s how The Rebrand Edit works:

We will completely transform your brand in just 4 weeks.

While we finish developing your site, you can start prepping your launch. Have the easiest launch of your life with us by your side, helping you make the most of your new site and ensuring that you have all the information you need to keep your site up to date on your own.

week 4: Launch Time!

You sit back and relax while we work on designing and developing your new site.

Week 3: Website Design

Your brand design gets finalized and we begin doing SEO research to strategize keywords will perform best on your website.

week 2: brand design & SEO

Our intentional time together starts with a 1:1 vision call. From there, we dive into your brand strategy and start designing your bold, stand-out brand!

Week 1: Brand strategy & Design

Frequently Asked Questions


I already have branding. Can I still apply? 

The Rebrand Edit is for photographers and creatives who want a total transformation. We only work with branding that we've created in-house following our own photographer-driven brand methods. If you have your own branding but want to rebrand, then you can still apply. If you have branding already that you want to use, we aren't the best fit at this time.

which platforms do you design websites on?

We are Showit Design Partners and recommend that most of our clients use Showit for their web design platform. Reason being, Showit is a great platform for photographers who want to stand out while still prioritizing function and search engine optimization. It’s also an easy platform for you to make minor updates to on your own! That said, we also design in Squarespace and Wordpress (using Kadence as the building platform). It all depends on which is the best match for you unique needs!

How much is needed from me during this process?

We value a collaborative creative process and love when our clients want to be fully engaged during the process. That said, we understand that photographers are some of the busiest people on the planet, so we won’t take your time for granted. Before the project starts, you’ll know exactly when you’ll be needed, down to the day, so that you can plan in advance. Most of the work is in advance (writing your copy, completing your onboarding, gathering photos, etc.), and once the project starts your primary role will be providing feedback.

Does this service include copywriting? 

No. Copywriting is not our zone of genius. Most of our clients write their own copy or hire a copywriter from our trusted list of referrals! However, we do optimize your copy by placing strategic keywords throughout to help you rank better on Google.

What exactly is included in the Rebrand edit?

The Rebrand Edit is a full-service branding, web design, and SEO package. It includes:

  • A full suite of branding, including logo variations, colors, fonts, and more
  • A 7-page website
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • Launch support

Are there payment plans available? 

Yes! The full investment for the Rebrand Edit is $7700. Payment plan options are either pay in full or 5 monthly payments of $1540.

Let's do it

It takes The Rebrand Edit.

Anyone can do that. But creating a brand that’s personal, memorable, and an accurate reflection of your personality takes work. It takes finesse. It takes a team that knows how to imbue a digital presence with bold personality.

Forget “timeless,” “tasteful,”
and “traditional.”