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Boho style website design has been growing in popularity, but there’s still a great way to do it without being “trendy” if it fits in with your brand. For instance, this boho website for Viceth Vong Photography works because it matches his brand vibe!

If you’re just looking for wedding photographer website inspiration, or you want to learn more about this amazing website that we created for our client, you’re in the right place. By the end of this post, you’ll know absolutely everything that went into building this boho style website design, including moving our client from Weebly to Showit!

Moving a Wedding Photographer Website to Showit from Weebly

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One of the first things we discuss with our clients is website platforms. At Inkpot Creative, we specialize in Showit, the best of all website platforms out there. We personally are Showit stans because of its capabilities.

Without throwing too much at you, Showit is great because it includes hosting, connects with WordPress for blogging, and has truly limitless capabilities when it comes to creating a unique design.

Plus, it’s extremely easy to make updates. My goal when designing a website for my clients is that they will be empowered to make edits on their website on their own without having to hire out for every little edit!

Curious to see if Showit is a good fit for your business? Take the FREE website quiz!

Upon chatting with Viceth, we learned that he was actually on Weebly, which was a popular blogging platform back in the earlier 2000s, and we knew that was what was holding him back when it came to his website design. He said that his website felt very “blah” and that he knew it was time for a change.

So, we chatted about Showit and how much it could help his website, and before we knew it, we were off to start to designing after he agreed to switch over!

Website Mockups Using Adobe XD

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When it came to designing a boho style website design for Viceth, we knew that we had to make the main focus on his photos. He’s located in San Francisco and has beautiful coloring in his photographs, so we knew that the design had to be strategic while not being overpowering.

So, we helped him come up with a refined color palette and actually pulled colors directly from his images. This helped to create an extremely cohesive look that put his images at the forefront.

Next, we started on mocking up the website using Adobe XD. A mockup is basically a static version of a website page. This is designed so that we can focus solely on the strategy and design without getting distracted by animations and such. That comes after!

Our website service is two weeks, and the entire first week is spent mocking up the site and going back and forth with the client for feedback.

We’ve done our two-week process with more than 40 different custom websites for our clients, and we’ve got the process fully locked down. Viceth received video walkthroughs, questionnaires for collecting website copy, and more throughout the process.

In fact, Viceth loved the process so much that he said this when asked about it: “Fast response, smooth communication, and info collecting process.”

Boho Style Website Design with Arches, Animations, & More

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With Viceth’s website, in order to keep with the boho style design, we kept things simple. There are many large images, photo collage galleries, and arches that are overlapped with square images to create a calming experience throughout the website.

Visitors who land on Viceth’s site will immediately feel at ease, focus on his imagery and the smoothness of the website design, and want to reach out to work with him because of the strategy put into the website experience.

After receiving approvals for Viceth’s mockups, it was time for the next step of this boho style website: creating it on Showit. We spend a few days fully developing the website for the platform. During this time, we take the website mockups and bring them to life by building them and adding animations, transitions, and more.

When adding transitions to this site, we added them in a way that was smooth and not overwhelming. There’s a slight transition for some of the images as they slowly slide into the page from the sides of a computer screen.

Truly, the website feels like a vacation! There are unexpected effects, but it feels extremely calm due to the beauty of Viceth’s photos and the neutralness of his color palette.

The Final Result: A Stand-Out Boho Showit Site

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In the end, we created a truly calming yet strategic and sophisticated boho style website for our client. You can click here to check out the live version of his website! Note that it may have changed slightly since we worked together in fall 2021.

While we were absolutely in love with the final result, it’s even more that our client loves it too. This is Viceth’s new internet home for his business.

Here’s what he said after working together:

“[KP] is very professional and an uber talented web designer. She was able to translate my vision and delivered my DREAM profession photography website. Her tutorials and info-collecting process were impeccable and helped move the process along. Hands down, the best business decision I’ve made. So if you want to take your professional website to the next level, look no further than my new friend [KP]…She’s EVERYTHING!!!”

Are you ready to receive a brand new custom website like Viceth’s that’s built to convert and stand out? We’d love to help. Click here to inquire now!

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