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Go from messy internal systems to organized and raise your customer experience 

Custom Notion Buildouts

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Welcome to an all-new experience: custom notion buildouts! We create streamlined Notion hubs that go beyond “looking pretty” that are actually functional for you, your contractors, and your clients, so that you can stay organized. 

When you work with us, we collaborate with you to find exactly what your business needs in its hub, because no two businesses are alike. If you’re ready to ditch internal systems overwhelm and have a streamlined Notion hub that’s easy to use and helps elevate your client experience, our Notion buildout service is a perfect match for you!

We'll build a custom tailored Notion Hub just for you!

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At Inkpot Creative, we are known for our boundary-pushing websites, but our clients also rave about our customer experience. Notion is the reason for that, because we create custom client portals for our projects that keep everything on track.

From the time you book with us, you’ll always know exactly what is happening and when. We thrive when working 1:1 with clients, and over the course of working with us, you’ll get your brand new Notion hub in just two weeks flat.

Our process is top tier: you'll always know what to expect.

For 72 hours after handoff, if you have any questions, the Inkpot team is here to help! (Even after that - we are always only an email away.)

Post-Handoff Support

To make sure you know how to utilize your Notion hub, you'll have a 1-hour call with the Inkpot Creative team to learn how to use all of your databases during offboarding

Offboarding Call

A custom tutorial library with videos breaking down how each part of your Notion hub works, perfect for when you need updates or want to show your team how to use Notion

Tutorial Library

A custom Notion hub with up to 5 custom databases built for your business (option to add more if needed)

Custom Notion Hub

45-minute strategy call with the Inkpot Creative duo to discuss your business in detail and find out what Notion dashboards your business will really need

Strategy Call

You'll get everything you need to bring your brand to the next level.

What’s Included

Steph, Copywriter

"We loved everything about the Notion board. The checklists and dates made everything clear from the start."

For 72 business hours post launch, the Inkpot Creative team is available via email to answer any questions. If you decide you want to continue working together, we also have monthly design retainers you can opt into for monthly Notion updates and other design needs.

Launch + Support

step seven

After the Notion boards are complete, we hop on an offboarding call with you to discuss how to use your new databases. Feel free to bring team members to this call too if needed!

Offboarding Call

step Six

It's officially time for your custom Notion buildouts! Over the course of two weeks, we'll build out your entire Notion hub, reaching out for feedback once throughout the process.

Notion Buildouts

step five

Your custom Notion project dashboard will be filled with all of the information we’ll need for our project. Take the time to work through the checklists and prepare for your project!

Project Prep

step four

Two weeks before our project begins, we’ll have a strategy call to discuss your business needs with Notion. Following the call, we’ll send a brief Notion strategy doc to make sure everything is golden for our project weeks.

Notion Strategy Call

step Three

After signing your contract & paying the first invoice, you’ll be added to a Notion project dashboard to start prepping for your project. 

Our Notion project dashboard is our bread and butter - it’s how our projects stay so on track.

Onboarding w/Notion

step two

Our process officially starts when you inquire and reach out using our contact form. 

From there, we’ll reach out either with a proposal or a link to book a call so we can chat & see if we’d be a good fit!

Get in Touch

step one

How It Flows

Hey, I’m Jessie! I wear many hats at Inkpot Creative, including as project manager and web developer. KP designs, and I bring that design to life in a website platform!

I also handle the logistics of bringing your vision to life so that you can succeed in your own way. I’ve always been interested in helping people (psych major over here 👋🏻). At Inkpot Creative, I love guiding clients through projects so they’re always in the loop and feel confident in our work. Even if KP’s website design is unexpected, your client experience should be super predictable!



Hey, I’m KP, the designer and founder behind Inkpot Creative! (See how I hid my initials in my biz name?) As a designer, I love to bring unexpected moments to make sites that are fun for visitors and effective marketing tools for our clients.

As the founder of Inkpot, I knew that I wanted our client experience to be just as good, if not better, than our website designs. When I made the move to build our internal systems in Notion, complete with custom project dashboards for our clients, that happened for us! Needless to say, I love Notion, and I know you'll be hooked on it too.



Meet Your Notion Buildout Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more than 5 databases?

No worries at all! There's an option to add on additional databases for $175 per database. This can be discussed on our call if we find that you need more, or if you decide you do.

What do you need from me? 

We'll need information about how you run your business internally (so we can help you come up with your needed databases) and also your branding and brand photography (if you have it) so we can make your Notion databases on-brand.

How long until I receive a proposal?

If you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, you'll receive a custom proposal to your inbox within 48 business hours. You'll also get a link to sign up for a discovery call to chat further!

do you offer payment plans?

You can pay in full or on a monthly payment plan. The first payment is due upon signing the contract and then each payment is due on the same day each month until it's fully paid off. View more about payment plan options at the bottom of this page.

How do i know notion will work for me?

Notion works for all types of online service providers, including web designers, copywriters, coaches, photographers, and more. Think of it like Asana, ClickUp, or Trello, but a lot more in-depth. We can chat about if it's a good option for you on a discovery call.

can i have a discovery call with you?

Absolutely! Click here to sign up for a discovery call or send us an email at [email protected] if you want a quicker answer, as we only take calls for limited hours throughout the week.

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