Custom Showit Sales Page Design for a Creative Coach

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When it comes to custom Showit sales page design, this one designed for a creative coach is unforgettable. Designed to convert with fun visual interest throughout the page, you’ll want to hear all about this one!

This sales page was created for Liz from Prints & Plants, who is one of our favorite types of creatives to work with. She helps other creatives chase their passion through coaching, and she also has an entire educational side of her business as well. Liz is really making a difference in the online space and in her industry!

Here’s the complete breakdown of this custom sales page design created for Liz.

A Custom Sales Page Built for a Showit Tonic Template

phone sitting on a desk surrounded by notebooks and other office supplies

When we connected with Liz, she already had a Showit template for her website that she had completely customized to reflect her website and brand fully. She used the Margarita template from TONIC. However, she wanted some custom Showit sales pages designed to fully fit her copy while also standing out from the other websites that used the same template as her.

Here’s what Liz had to say about her sales pages that she had when asked about it: “It wasn’t cohesive or visually pleasing in the way I wanted. It had the information, but it didn’t have a good visual flow.”

So, it was time to start completely from scratch and design a custom Showit sales page that not only would slow the scroll but also keep people visually interested until they eventually hit that buy now button at the bottom of the page.

Touches of Visual Interest to Slow the Scroll

laptop sitting on a wood table next to a glass with water and a plant

Our turnaround for a sales page built from scratch on the Showit platform is just one week. Yes, you read that right! We sent mockups of the page to Liz on Monday and Tuesday, built it on Wednesday and Thursday, and it was ready to share with the world by Friday.

Our process is tight because we’ve used it so many times. We have quick turnarounds to keep us focused throughout the project. We do this too because we thrive when working with fewer clients at a time, compared to other designers who sometimes have 5-7 clients at a time with 1-2 month turnaround times.

When designing Liz’s new sales page, we had her provide the copy and any photos that she wanted to be included, and we immediately got to work. We started designing the pages in Adobe XD to mock them up, which basically means that we created a static version of the page so that we could focus on the flow and strategy behind it.

The goal was to showcase Liz’s new coaching services in a straightforward way that very clearly led the user down a journey and taught them about the transformation that they would receive after working with her.

Here’s what Liz had to say about the process:

“You set clear communication and expectations throughout the project so I had full trust that I could take the task of building my own web page off of my plate. You implemented changes – no matter how minor – so I was fully ready to publish a page that feels so on brand!”

The Perfect Showit Landing Page That’s Mobile Optimized

Phone with a coaching website sitting on two notebooks with a pen

After mocking up the website page and getting approvals through collaboration with Liz, we were off! Once the mockups are approved, we take the time to develop the website on Showit.

When designing, we always keep mobile in mind. Let’s be honest, most people are going to visit your website on mobile anyway, even if you think the desktop version of your website looks better.

So, this meant that during development, we really paid attention to make sure that everything would work well on mobile. This includes even the smallest things, like making sure sections with interactive buttons (like the one in the image above) fit within the phone screen.

This also meant thinking through designs that were possible on desktop, like text hidden behind images on hover, had to be slightly redesigned for mobile. Luckily, this is completely possible on Showit because Showit’s mobile gets designed separately from the desktop.

Wanna know if Showit is a good fit for you? Take our free website quiz!

While designing, we also made sure that the design matched the same sort of style through the rest of her website template. This meant using sections that were collage-like, keeping with the same branding style treatment, and overall just ensuring cohesion through every section of the page.

A Custom Showit Sales Page Built to Convert

Phone sitting on two notebooks on a desk. Next to it are a plant and a pair of glasses.

The result of the custom Showit sales page was absolutely perfect. It had her colorful and quirky yet professional style throughout while seamlessly showcasing what her new coaching service had to offer. We couldn’t be more obsessed with how it turned out and are so happy with how much it reflects Liz’s brand!

Here’s what Liz had to say after working together:

“If you need web design, Inkpot Creative is your go-to gal. I’ve worked with Inkpot a number of times on my website, and I’m always over the moon with the results. KP knows how to create a high-quality product with an efficient timeline, so you’re ready to show off a website you’re proud of!”

Do you want a custom Showit sales page design? We offer this as a behind-the-scenes service at a set price of $800 per page, but do offer a 2-month payment plan of $400 per month. The turnaround for this service is only one week (depending on the length of the page). Click here to get in touch and tell us about your project!

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