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Kelsey (she/her) is an incredible wedding planner and stationery designer who had a website created on Squarespace that she was ready to level up. After speaking with her, it was evident that her new site definitely had to be personality-driven!

The new site features fun, quirky patterns, lots of movement, and elegant touches. It’s the perfect mix of sophisticated and fun, to attract the types of clients that Kelsey wants to work with. Plus, there are unique hover effects throughout on the desktop site!

K Cutright WEddings

When Kelsey first reached out, she had a website on Squarespace that felt very blocky and devoid of personality. Kelsey is filled with personality and she's damn good at what she does, so we wanted to bring that to the forefront in her new site.

When asked about her website at the time, Kelsey said it was "definitely useable, but very boring." Time to change that!

Before working together...

To get rid of the blockiness of the old site, we used diagonal and overlapping sections.

Dynamic Sections

Kelsey's personality is hid in the patterns, including one of astronauts drinking coffee!

Personality Patterns

The teal color from Kelsey's color palette is used for all CTAs to drive visitors to take action.

Teal for Actions

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Kelsey, owner of K Cutright Weddings

"100% recommend KP to renovate your website! They turned my simple and boring website, and made it full of personality, added everything that was missing, and transformed it into a super fun (but professional) site. I really liked that they offered a payment plan too -- very very helpful. AND the turn around time was magnificent."

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