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Keala Co is a new business venture started by coach Jennifer Olsson (she/her). Jennifer wanted a new website for her business to showcase her offerings, even though she does most of her selling through socials like Instagram.

The main goal was to create a website that was bold and business-like while still showcasing personality. Check out the result!

Keala Co

Jennifer didn't have a website yet when she first reached out, but she was ready to level up with a semi-custom website design based on our Callie Template from our shop. We set her up on Showit!

The final website uses a bold grid-like design that keeps a balanced feel throughout, while also showcasing different parts of text throughout to make it easy for skimmers visiting the site.

Before working together...

The site has a sense of balance to it through a grid-like design to keep the site cohesive.

Grid-Like Design

We added movement through marquees and parallax imagery to make the site standout.

Hints of movement

The vibrant orange color is utilized to draw the eye and inspire people to click throughout the website.

Orange CTAs

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The New Website

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