Marketing for creatives: the workshop

learn the skills & strategies to get booked out with ease

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  • Your marketing isn’t building a community that’s actually interested in what you have to say/offer.
  • You’re frustrated because you’re constantly posting & putting yourself out there but not getting anything in return. You’re feeling burnt out.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you’re “supposed” to be doing with marketing your business.
  • You’re scared that you could be rejected from posting and showing up as yourself.

You're Already Marketing Your Services, But...

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What if you had the tools to consistently market your business and sell your high ticket offers without spreading yourself too thin?

Because let’s be honest. You’re already doing *so much.* You don’t have the ability to be on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and whatever new social media platform just came out yesterday all at once. (Trust me, I’ve tried.)

If you want to learn how to market your business strategically and pivot when things aren’t working…

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what if you could market your business authentically (without doing tiktok dances) to get booked? 

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Imagine having a marketing plan in place that feels true to you AND sells your services… without the stress, confusion, and feeling like you’re constantly running up that hill.

Feeling confident in showing up in a meaningful way that actually drives connection consistently 

Marketing your business sporadically whenever you're low on clients 

What would happen? 

Build more content for growth backed by content pillars that you can scale and follow to come up with content ideas quickly 

Wasting hours scratching your head trying to figure out what to actually post

Have control of your inquiries, knowing that you have a community who buys from you

Relying on Facebook group job posts that get 100+ comments for inquiries 

Knowing where it's actually worth spending your time and where it's not

Feeling complete overwhelm by feeling like you have to post everywhere 24/7

The 3-part workshop series that teaches you how to show up with confidence to market your business using the proven strategies Inkpot Creative follows. Get instant access!

Introducing Marketing for Creatives: The Workshop


How to identify patterns in what is and isn't working for you
When you should switch up your plan (how to know if it's too early)
How to pivot when things aren't working
What to do when your marketing efforts are paying off

Session Three: Analyzing & Pivoting Your Efforts

Behind the scenes look at what we do at Inkpot Creative and how we've grown so quickly
The basics of email marketing & how to grow your list
Social media, from how to sell in the DMs to creating a never-ending source of content ideas that actually sell while building a connection 
Blogging and how it can completely explode your traffic
Upping your client experience to have another extra inquiry stream without much work
Actionable steps that you can take to build multiple connection points

Session Two: Marketing Implementation

How to figure out who your ideal client is using Inkpot's ideal client workbook
Performing an analysis of your current marketing efforts to see what has worked in the past 
Figuring out where to focus to reach ideal clients 

Session One: Ideal Client Avatars

here's what will be covered during this 3-part workshop series. 

Take A Peek At The Syllabus 

Implement your new marketing strategies & reach your dream clients.


Watch all of the workshop videos hosted on Thinkific & get learning.


Open the email you receive and join the Facebook group.



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Are You Ready To Market With Ease? 

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Receive instant access to a Facebook Group Community for everyone attending the live. Ask questions and connect with other CEOs!

facebook community

content idea vault

With this resource, you’ll never run out of ideas for what to post. This is filled with around 100 different content ideas that you can repurpose across platforms!

Receive a workbook covering all the questions to ask yourself to reveal your ideal client. We’ll work through this together for session one!

ideal client avatar workbook

notion marketing calendar template

Get access to the same exact social media marketing dashboard planner that the Inkpot Creative team uses. 

You Didn’t Think I’d Leave You To Implement The Strategies On Your Own, Did You?


I am a serial course buyer. I’ve bought a ton of courses on how to market my business only for them to all say the same things. Show your face. Make content pillars. Stay on brand. Sure, these tips were helpful but didn’t really get me anywhere.

With Marketing for Creatives, I wanted to make a clear and transparent class that shows how I specifically grew my presence and started to gain more attention from the clients that I wanted to work with.

Since starting Inkpot Creative in 2020, I've consistently received inquiries and during busy times of the year find myself booked 3+ months in advance. Marketing your business should be easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a (fill in the blank), will this work for me? 

No matter what type of creative you are, if you struggle with marketing your business or just want to know more about what we do at Inkpot Creative, then this workshop is for you.

when will I get access to the bonuses? 

You'll get access to the bonuses and the rest of the course immediately after purchase. Everything is hosted in Thinkific!

where will the class be hosted? 

This class will be hosted via videos in Thinkific!

When do i get access to the facebook group? 

You’ll get access to the Facebook Group immediately after purchase!


This is a recorded workshop series so that you can work through it at your own pace!

You feel overwhelmed by marketing and feel that you are spread too thin. You want to be able to build more content strategically without feeling like your time is wasted.
You don’t know how to build a community that’s interested in what you have to say/offer. You want to know exactly where your ideal clients are “hiding” and where to show up to reach them.
You’ve been marketing on your own but it hasn’t been yielding the results you want. You have a clear work process and know what makes you different but have trouble selling your services and explaining that to others.

This workshop is perfect for you if...

Still Undecided? 

You have a firm grasp on how to market your services as a creative and consistently get inquiries with your marketing efforts.
You know exactly when to post, what to post, and how to show up to help build an online community of raving fans.
You already know where to post to attract your ideal clients and you can easily book them.

This workshop is not for you if...

3 recorded workshop sessions
Facebook Community
Notion Social Media Calendar
Content Idea Library
Ideal Client Workbook


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