Stay on top of your client projects once and for all and have a beautifully set up project dashboard for each and every one of your client projects. Psst.. this is the exact setup that we use here at Inkpot Creative!

+ Customizable project dashboard template for project management
+ Spaces to add and assign project tasks to your clients
+ Task templates that you can use and customize to make your own
+ Space for you to upload a project dashboard walkthrough for your client
+ Area for you to list out the details of the project
+ Project timeline space for you to write out what’s happening each day
+ A welcome area for you to welcome your client to your new dashboard!


Notion Project Portal

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Notion?

Notion is an incredible tool that can pretty much do all the things. People use it for journaling, planning course curriculum, taking notes, and even project management (like me)!

Why is it only $9? 

I know so many other creatives struggle to keep their project processes in check with clients. I wanted to make this tool affordable for everyone so that they could ditch the client headaches.

Do i have to pay for notion? 

So, there are paid versions of Notion, but you can get by on the free one. Seriously, the free version of Notion is incredible. If you want the ability to upload larger file sizes or want more storage, then you can upgrade. I'm on the paid plan as of recently and it's only $36ish a year!

What's the point of a notion project portal? 

Good question! The point of a tool like this is so that you can keep project processes streamlined while also collecting everything you need from clients all in one place. Plus, it'll keep tons of feedback, comments, etc out of your emails.