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Max Catterson is a wedding photographer with a brand as bright as his photos. He came to Inkpot Creative for a photography website design that would set him apart from his competitors and live rent free in visitors’ minds. We took Max’s brand value of inclusivity as our guide in creating a custom Showit website. The result is a creative and clear site that connects with his dream clients.

A laptop is open to a custom Showit website.

A Photographer Looking for a Website Glow Up

Unlike many of our clients, Max actually has a background in graphic design. Even though he’s a graphic designer, he struggled to design a site for himself. For designers, it is often hardest to design for yourself. Max described it this way: “Sometimes it’s too difficult to design for your own brand, so I knew I needed some help from someone with similar views and style.” He reached out to me in a Facebook group, and we hit it off. 

Max wanted a Showit website that really felt interactive the whole way through. He wanted a fun, fresh, and colorful approach to the user experience. In other words, he hoped to stand out from the muted tones and dime-a-dozen templates of other photography sites. As part of the queer community, he also wanted inclusivity to be at the forefront of his website, showcasing that all are welcome and wanted.

Max’s love of color and value of inclusivity made him a perfect candidate for our custom Showit website designs. Once we completed Max’s custom Showit website, he said, “It’s so nice to have worked with someone with similar values that believes that all love is beautiful and deserves to be documented.” We live for an unexpected web design that makes everyone feel welcome.

A series of tablets show a photography website design.

Balancing Colorful Brand Assets with Bold Images

Max is a wedding photographer who centers color in his work. We created a photography website design that used every color in his palette. His photos and brand palette really worked seamlessly together to create a cohesive visual story. When visitors land on Max’s page, they know his bright brand is about creating a more inclusive space in the wedding industry.

Aside from the vibrant colors, Max’s brand stands out because it has a lot of fun shapes. Throughout the site, we incorporated zigzags and waves as well as light square overlays on backgrounds. We avoided getting carried away with these elements, though, so that his branding shined without overwhelming his beautiful images. 

At Inkpot Creative, we believe that a website should be as fun to explore as it is to look at. Max’s photography website design includes clear navigation and easy to spot buttons. Social media and email marketing integration make it easy for Max to connect with potential clients even if they don’t inquire on their first visit to his site. 

Three cell phones display a Showit website for a photographer.

A Creative Custom Photography Website Design

We love the way Max’s photography website design brings functionality and fresh aesthetics together. As visitors move through the site, they get a clear understanding of Max’s brand and photography as well as what to expect with his services. It’s proof that you don’t have to sacrifice user experience for a truly creative design.

Max’s website visually translates his values into a one-of-a-kind design. When potential clients land on Max’s page, they’ll connect with the high key color and clear message. Max agreed and added, “KP was able to take the brand assets I provided her and turn them into a fun, colorful website that screams inclusivity to my target clients.”

In the process of creating Max’s colorful photography website design, we kept communication open so that Max knew what to expect and when. The “process is incredibly detailed and straightforward… You know exactly what you need to provide before the project starts, and best of all, it’s done in two weeks!” And who doesn’t want a dreamy new Showit website in just two weeks?

A photography website design is open against a blue background.

You can peep Max’s full website here. He made a few changes since we initially worked together, and we love to see it! You should feel empowered to grow your website with your business.

Are you interested in working with Inkpot Creative on a boundary-pushing photography website design? Check out our Showit website design services. Let’s collab on a website that hits different.

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