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Tell your raving fans all about your podcast right on your Showit site! Choose between the option of integrating with an advanced blog or not - it’s all covered in the course.

Please note that an active Showit subscription is needed for this template to work. The template is solely for use on the Showit platform.


Podcast Showit Template

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☻ Podcast page that you can fully customize to best suit your needs as well as a call to action canvas at the bottom

☻ Amazing support. Even if you just purchase an add-on template from the Not Your Average Template Shop, then you’ll get access to our Facebook support group where you can ask KP and other biz owners for advice related to your design.

☻ Mobile optimized design. Yes, you read that right - the entire page template is completely mobile optimized since everyone visits sites on mobile now anyways.

☻ Tutorial videos. Watch a few tutorial videos all about how to DIY the podcast Showit template so you can publish ASAP.

You'll get all the essentials to DIY this page! 

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Get more visible and cast a wider net for your funnel by starting a fun podcast to educate your followers. Then, use this template to show off your podcast in style!

Increase brand awareness by podcasting!

Watch your dream clients be drawn like magnets to your unique design.


Get out your color palette, and customize your site!


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Customize in a Few Steps

Swap your colors, copy, brand photography, and more. After watching the tutorials, you’ll see just how easy it is to update. This will be the least headaches you’ve ever had while building a website!

Building a website has never been easier

Frequently Asked Questions

What is showit?

Showit is a drag and drop website platform that allows you to creatively craft the website of your dreams. It's what I use with all of my clients because it's completely built with no code. Inkpot Creative was built using Showit!

how much of it is really customizable? 

Everything is customizable! You can change the photos, the colors, the fonts, and more. If you aren't fully in love with the way small parts of the website are laid out, you can even quickly change that on your own and customize it.

what if my website is on wix, squarespace, wordpress, etc.?

This template only works with a Showit website subscription. However, it's very easy to migrate from another platform to Showit because their customer support is top notch.

can i use it even if it's not designed for my industry? 

Hell yeah! If the Showit template is built like it's for a photographer, that doesn't mean you have to be one. You can switch out absolutely everything and design it for your own industry.

Due to this product being digital, there are no refunds. 

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