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If you’ve looked at Pinterest for photography website design inspiration, you’ve seen a lot of neutrals. Let’s face it, all the beige and pink start to run together after a while. Shel came to Inkpot Creative looking for a fun Showit web design that stood out. She’s the kind of creative entrepreneur we love to collaborate with – a change-maker who values individuality and inclusivity. We built her a custom Showit site that brings life to her vibrant brand for an unforgettable user experience. 

A Showit web designer uses bright colors for a photographer's home page.

A Bolder, Louder Photography Website 

When we create a custom ShowIt web design, we start by figuring out exactly what our client needs. Shel liked her old site, but her brand and services had expanded in the years since it was built. She wanted to refresh her messaging and design to better represent her work.

User experience is as important as functionality in web design, so we also got a sense of how Shel wanted her website to feel. The soft pink of her old website felt a little stale. Shel wanted a ShowIt web design that was bolder, louder, and more her

Shel’s a photographer, so she needed her fresh site to speak to her dream clients and inspire them to inquire with her. We decided to prioritize clear paths for visitors to connect with Shel. CTA buttons and social media integration would play an important role in making that happen.

Different pages of a Showit web design are open against a pink field.

Creating a Bold Showit Web Design

Brand assets really can influence the shape a custom website design takes. Luckily, Shel came to us with awesome branding that was colorful and fun. We built a site that brought it to life. Visitors can’t help being engaged by this bright site. 

In addition to showing how fun Shel is, her branding and messaging emphasize how much she values being hands on with clients. We wanted her web design to convey that too. The site almost looks like she decorated it herself. We included little notes and images in meaningful places. 

Layers of color and shapes add dimension without straying into a scrapbook aesthetic (something Shel wanted to avoid). Images overlap without being over the top. To keep the focus on Shel’s photography, we hid a lot of hovering effects around the site. Editing down can be so important for creating a clear, standout aesthetic. 

With a palette as vibrant as Shel’s, we could use color strategically to draw the eye to parts of the site that we want visitors to pay the most attention to. The bright blue and purple work so well for this on CTA buttons. Circles, arrows and secondary fonts draw focus to words that are important to the user experience too. They show potential clients what Shel’s brand is about and the steps they can take to learn more or get in touch with her.

A laptop displays an inquiry page.

A Thoughtful Approach to Custom Showit Web Design

We built Shel’s unique Showit web design from the ground up in just two weeks. How do we build a dynamic and effective website in such a short time? At Inkpot Creative, we have a signature process to get all the pieces in place with minimal stress for our clients. It involves a Notion board, some Loom videos, and regular emails because we’d rather air on the side of over-communication. 

By the time Shel’s site was ready for the world wide web, she was a stan. “The amount of communication, the thorough Loom videos, and the active engagement really showed me your passion for helping your clients,” she said. “It was inspiring to experience your process, and I never felt worried or wondering what was going on.” We love to hear it!

Shel’s ShowIt web design turned out to be one of our all-time favorites. It’s clean yet unexpected. Even though the design is unique, it doesn’t distract from the branding or copy. Instead it weaves them together strategically. 

Cell phones display vibrant website pages.

As much as we loved the website, Shel’s opinions mattered most. She couldn’t have been happier! This Showit web design truly represents her brand and what she wants to accomplish. She said, “I adore my website and am incredibly proud of its presence now!” You can experience Shel’s full site here.

Are you looking for a dynamic ShowIt web design that converts? Check out our services to learn how we can help with custom designs and website template customization.

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