Therapist Web Design for a Changemaking Art Therapist

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If you’re looking for a therapist web design, you’re in the right place!

In August 2022, the Inkpot Creative team built a beautiful custom Showit website design for Be Here Wellness & Counseling, and the results were out-of-this-world. It features fun gifs, eye-catching parallax imagery and textures, and a unique design to boot.

And, spoiler alert, but our client loved the final result. Here’s what Brooke, the founder of Be Here Wellness & Counselling, had to say when asked about how she feels about the final website:

“Amazing!! Although I still have some work to do with copy, seeing my website live excites me about the future of my business. A lot more seems possible for my small business.”

Throughout this post, learn all about this therapist web design for our client Brooke!

The Project Brief

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When we first connected with Brooke, we knew she was different and that her website had to support that, too. She booked our Custom Brand + Website Design package that we collaborate with the amazing Bethany from Bethany Works on.

Because of that, we started off by having a strategy call between all of us: Bethany, our client Brooke, and the Inkpot Creative team. Together, we chatted about all things strategy, starting with Bethany getting into the nitty gritty of Brooke’s brand, and then it was handed off to us to ask some branding questions.

Brooke worked with Bethany first for about 4-5 weeks as her brand strategy was being done and her visuals were being built, and then it was time for the project to be handed off to us.

Our client wanted a website that showcased exactly what her business stood for while also being visually interesting on the scroll without being overwhelming. Brooke works with a lot of teenagers, too, so we knew that the site had to not be “boring” for both the teens and their parents who visited it.

Mocking Up the Website Pages on Adobe XD

phone on a table next to a plate

Our custom website design service is a 2-week process, and the first week is spent designing the mockups of the site on Adobe XD. We do this to make sure that the website’s UX and UI are being focused on, rather than being distracted by animations and everything.

So, right when the project started, we immediately hopped into Adobe XD and began mocking up the homepage. We always do the homepage first to make sure the client is happy with the overall design strategy before designing the rest of the pages.

The web design came easy because of the incredible branding from Bethany and the beautiful photography done by the talented Kylee from Kylee B Photography.

Brooke loved the homepage, so we did a lil’ happy dance and continued designing the rest of the pages, working with her throughout the week to get feedback. In total, we do three rounds of feedback: one time on the homepage and twice on the full mockup.

We also decided on building the website on Showit, which is the platform that we specialize in.

We design almost all of our websites on Showit, but it’s not the best fit for everybody. If you’re struggling to find out what website platform is best for your business, take our free website quiz!

Built With Our Smooth Process

ipad sitting on the edge of a couch

Throughout the entire project, we brought Brooke through our signature 2-week custom website process. We’ve honed this process by working with more than 70 different clients since starting our business.

We keep the process lowkey yet clear, with a Notion dashboard where we communicate throughout the entire project. The Notion dashboard outlines due dates in advance as well as tasks and the timeline so that the client knows what’s happening every day and there are no questions unanswered.

When asked about our process, here’s what Brooke said she loved most:

“The 24-hour support! And there were no “dumb” questions – I was able to be authentically me in my sometimes technologically challenged ways and never felt like I couldn’t reach out to ask ANYTHING! Even when it came to making copy or content changes, I felt comfortable asking for KP and Jessie’s opinion for added support in decision making.”

Developing the Final Site on Showit (plus, see the features!)

laptop open on a kitchen table

After the website mockups were approved by Brooke, it was time to start the building and development process. I (KP) design the websites, while my other team member, Jessie, is the resident website developer. She takes the mockups and breathes life into them by developing them!

The development process is very smooth and takes just a few days. That’s because after the homepage is approved during week one, Jessie immediately starts building it, and as each other page is approved, she keeps building.

This allows our projects to have a quick turnaround time so that our clients don’t have a project that drags on for months. In fact, the final website is handed off to the client during week two on Wednesday!

For this project, I had Jessie add tons of fun movement throughout the site to really keep the site visitor’s attention when they are scrolling.

There are parallax images, lots of textures, and fun gifs, such as a watercolor element that we turned into a gif from her branding with Bethany, which almost makes it look like someone is painting on the page as they scroll. It really emulates the fact that Brooke is an art therapist!

Below, see an example of one of the fun sections on the website that we added during development. It’s a hover feature on desktop!

video scrolling through a website page

There are tons of unique accents like this throughout the website. Check it out here!

Check out the final art therapist web design!

ipad laying on top of an open book

The final result is not only a therapist web design that we are in love with (seriously, the details with this one are one-of-a-kind), but our client is, too.

Here’s what Brooke had to say in her testimonial:

“If you want a website that makes you excited to go to work and excited to share with (literally) EVERYONE, you owe it to yourself and your business to trust Inkpot Creative to design an amazing one of a kind virtual space that lights you and your clients/customers up! The major boost in pride that I have in my website, my business, and myself was an unexpected and extraordinary outcome!”

Are you interested in getting your own website designed? Click here to get in touch with us! We offer monthly payment plans (with no interest) and specialize in strategic yet unique websites.

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