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Are you looking for a creative way to add a vibrant, retro style to your photography website? You’re in luck! In this post, we’ll be sharing the details on this vibrant web design for a retro Sacremento photographer, True Love Photo.

Stylish and timeless, this retro-themed site is sure to strike a chord among anyone who loves color! We designed this website in early 2022, and it’s been one of our favorites ever since.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into this vibrant web design.

All about the project

An ipad has a wedding photographer website pulled up.

Beth (she/her), the masterful shutterbug behind True Love Photo, is a Sacramento-based creative who brings tons of color and inclusivity to her work. When our paths crossed, she let me know that she was hoping to make some updates to her website, but instead, we chatted and found that a full custom website might be the better option for her.

Beth’s website was in need of a new look, and with our custom web design service, we had the perfect solution. Over two weeks, her site underwent a complete revamp; emerging with four base pages plus an impressive fourteen galleries showcasing all the incredible artwork she has to offer!

When asked about her website when she first reached out, Beth said, “I did like it but wanted some changes.” She also felt that the website wasn’t very fluid and it was hard to navigate from page to page as a website visitor, so we needed a smoother user journey.

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Pop Art Nods with Lots of Color

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Are you tired of bland, boring websites that all look the same? So are we, and so was our client Beth.

True Love Photo’s new website is bursting with personality and color, with nods to pop art all over the place. The design is bold and exciting, just like true love should be. You’ll feel like you’re viewing a work of art as you browse through their stunning photo galleries.

The vibrant colors and unique design elements will leave you feeling thrilled and inspired. We accomplished this through our three main strategy solutions:

  • Focus on skimmable text: Because a lot of Beth’s branding was inspired by pop art, we wanted to really utilize her typography as a nod to it while also creating skimmable text. We used color pops so that busy website visitors could still receive important information quickly.
  • Red for CTAs: We always recommend picking the boldest color from a color palette to use as the “action” color to inspire people to click throughout the website. For True Love Photo, that color was a vibrant red.
  • Pop art elements for design: Beth had a lot of fun pop art illustrations that we were able to use throughout the website. We also used bold stripes and borders to emphasize that subtle nod to pop art throughout.

The Website Design Process

A laptop has an info page of a website pulled up.

Just like with any other project, we honed in a lot on our process with this vibrant website design. We heavily focused on Beth’s goal client to create a website that would stand out from the crowd.

When asked about the process and what she found helpful, Beth answered:

“Your modern tools were very helpful. I LOVE knowing that I can hire you to update as needed and that you were considerate of my ‘old lady card’ as I may not be as savvy as a younger person.”

At Inkpot Creative, we are always here for our clients even after their project ends in case they have new projects arise as their business grows.

True Love Photo’s All-New Vibrant Web Design

An ipad has a studio page pulled up on a website by a cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee.

The final result was a bold vibrant website design that shows the boundaries that TLP is pushing in their industry while also showcasing what makes Beth and her business different. Plus, there is a decent amount of movement throughout the website that truly will keep visitors scrolling until they smash the contact button to get in touch with True Love Photo.

Here’s what Beth had to say at the end of the project:

“I would tell them about my experience and how smitten I am with you and your work. How your timeline was challenging, but it sure got the work done and fast. I think you are a very talented and brilliant woman and will stay connected via social media and watch you soar.”

She also said this:

“I had not intended on making a new site, I just wanted a few changes. After a few conversations I decided to go for it! Her rates are very reasonable and I got a good vibe! She has a system that had my new custom site launch in 2 WEEKS! Dang! I highly recommend.”

Beth’s fantastic website design is the perfect blend of vibrancy and modern boldness. If you’re looking for an experienced web designer who brings an eye-catching touch to your project, then be sure to click here and get in touch.

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