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I need this

I’m not kidding. Look at this:

Are you ready to have your organizational systems set up so impressively that your clients rave about working with you just because of it?

I need this

How would it feel to:
  • Stay completely on track for all your projects in one place through personalized client dashboards where you can assign tasks and communicate with your clients (all while WOW-ing them)
  • Confidently plan all of your marketing content and keep it in a backlog for social media, blog posts, and more
  • Actually log off when you say you will because you won’t be chasing down clients for their tasks - Notion will remind them for you!
  • Finally stop using everything from Google Docs to Trello/Asana/ClickUp & everything in between

We’re here to help you do the same.

Our client felt so taken care of throughout the entire process, even though we set up their Notion board once and let it run itself.

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When I first started running my design business, my systems were sporadic. I had iCal events set up to remind me to remind clients for tasks that I assigned in Trello. I took all my notes in Google Docs but then planned all of my social media and marketing in random notes in my journal mixed with Google Sheets. Needless to say, it was a hot mess.

I knew I needed a place to bring all facets of my business together, especially as I knew I wanted to eventually have my girlfriend work for me. I needed to get organized, and FAST.

So, I started using Notion, and ended up building an entire business hub to suit exactly what I needed, from templated to-do lists for my different project types to personalized client dashboards to WOW my clients and keep our projects on track. Now, I want to help you do the same; it changed my business.

Hey, I’m KP! (she/her/hers)

Stand Out with Notion is a course that will guide you to create the business and project management space of your dreams to kick systems overwhelm to the curb once and for all.

Stand Out With Notion


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Are You Ready To Get Feedback Like This?

+ Notion Integrations Master List
+ KP’s Time Saving Notion Tips
+ Notion Block Cheat Sheet
+ How to Map Out Your Systems

Additional resources

Watch KP set up an entire business hub from scratch - seriously, watch right over her shoulder and see her entire thought process.


Learn how to use Notion as a collaboration tool to share specific pages with contractors, clients, and other collaborators.


Implement your needed systems into your hub with step-by-step tutorials for creating client portals, to-do lists, and a marketing calendar.

MODULE three

Map out your entire business “hub” (the place where you can access everything in your business from one spot) using the map out your systems resource.


Get introduced to the course and receive a Notion fundamentals training to get started!

Module one

category is:

What's Covered in the Course


I am so impressed by the Stand Out with Notion course! While I was already somewhat familiar with Notion, I still found myself frustrated when trying to really compartmentalize and organize the information I needed to capture. KP’s step-by-step tutorials were super easy to follow and felt like they were being taught to me by a friend. I feel really empowered (and excited) to see how many different ways I can implement Notion into my business to save time and make my workflow more efficient. If only the 8 year old version of myself had Notion for all of my American Girl doll wishlists….

Due to this product being digital, there are no refunds.

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This Notion course is different from others because instead of just giving you the templates, it actually teaches you how to build your own Notion hub and databases from scratch. So, whenever you need a new system in place for your business there, you’ll feel empowered to hop in and make it within an hour. My goal as a creator is to give confidence to other online business owners so that they don’t have to outsource every little thing unless they really want to!

By now, you’re probably noticing this isn’t your typical Notion course.

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This course is for you if...
  • You feel spread too thin between your systems right now
  • You want more of your time back so you can stop chasing down clients for every little task
  • You're ready to get organized
  • You're curious about Notion - whether you've used it before or not, you want to implement it into your business 

This course isn't for you if...
  • You feel satisfied with the way your systems are set up already 
  • You have no interest in learning more about Notion 
  • You don't have the time to implement something new

Still wondering if it’s a good fit?

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Frequently Asked Questions


You'll receive access immediately. If for whatever reason you don't receive an email with access, please email me directly at kp@inkpotcreative.com and we'll sort it out!


The class is hosted via video lessons on Thrivecart Learn.


There's a free version of Notion as well as a paid one - most people are good with the FREE version. I have the paid version and it's only $30ish a year! (Way cheaper than other project management systems)


Yes! It's a work-at-your-own-pace course, so you don't have to feel rushed. Just go through it whenever you have the time! You'll also have access for the lifetime of the course, so there's no rush - you won't just suddenly lose access after 12 months or something like you do with some courses!

Due to this product being digital, there are no refunds.

Join Stand Out With Notion today for just $97!

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