We were always those students in school with the most colorful, unexpected designs. We have little interest in creating things that have already been done or replicating websites that we’ve seen on Pinterest. When we design, we always ask ourselves how we can push a boundary, how we can do something different, something unexpected. Now we bring that energy to our work as custom website designers.

We love bringing a touch of the unexpected into the world through interactive design. As custom website designers, we like to make the smallest things feel a little bit different. We create custom websites that do the selling for our clients. When your ideal customer lands on your page, it should be a no-brainer that they want to work with you before they even get on a discovery call.

We never fit into a crowd, and truth be told, we don’t want to.

About Us

Originality and functionality meet in our custom websites

Interactive design that converts visitors to clients.

A client experience 
that’s organized, efficient and transparent.

Collaboration and communication from start to finish.

Designs that use every color in your palette! 

When you collaborate with Inkpot Creative’s custom website designers, we deliver:

Che, Copywriter

“KP & Jessie took my new branding from previous designers and just integrated it all together to make the most cohesive, sexy, and yet FUNCTIONAL site that I could never have seen in my wildest dreams.”

Hey, I’m Jessie! I wear many hats at Inkpot Creative, including as project manager and web developer. KP designs, and I bring that design to life in a website platform!

I also handle the logistics of bringing your vision to life so that you can succeed in your own way. I’ve always been interested in helping people (psych major over here 👋🏻). At Inkpot Creative, I love guiding clients through projects so they’re always in the loop and feel confident in our work. Even if KP’s website design is unexpected, your client experience should be super predictable!



Hey, I’m KP, the designer and founder behind Inkpot Creative! (See how I hid my initials in my biz name?) As a designer, I love to bring unexpected moments to make sites that are fun for visitors and effective marketing tools for our clients.

My journey started a little more analogue in book publishing, but I quickly found that websites have more possibilities for interactive elements… they’re basically like digital books that you can add even MORE elements of surprise to. That drive to combine a unique and colorful user experience with effective design led me to start Inkpot Creative.



Meet Your Design Team

We’ve been told we’re the most organized design team around. We make sure you always know what’s happening every step of the way - there will be NO waiting around and wondering when your next draft will be sent.

Inkpot Creative is all about helping our clients represent the beautiful diversity of this world through unique design. Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in every aspect of life - including web design!

We. Love. Color. You can expect attention-grabbing website design over here. Seriously, even our clients with “minimal” brands have some color punches and feel more colorful than other minimal sites out there.

We’re obsessed with travel! Trip to Dublin? Sign us up. Last-minute road trip to see a killer concert? We’re already in the car with our bags packed and tickets ready. If you love travel too, just know we wanna be your best friends.

4 Things You Need to Know About Us

Max Catterson, Photographer

“Working with Inkpot Creative was a great choice for my brand. KP & Jessie were able to take the brand assets I provided them and turn them into a fun-colorful website that screams inclusivity to my target clients. ”

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