Aparna Boehm is a UX Researcher who was looking for branding and a website to showcase her portfolio work in a cohesive yet timeless way. She hired us to create new branding and a website, which is now a service we offer in conjunction with a brand designer!

The end result was a luxurious website that is easy to update. Small lines were added to add a unique elegant element and there were also fun hover effects, parallax imagery, and pops of color to keep the user interested.

See the final result below!

About The Project

Note that the website may have changed since project hand-off. 

August 2021

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Custom Brand + Web Design


UX Researcher

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Quick Project Facts

Aparna Boehm

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The Transformation



Client Had No Website!

Let’s get your show on the road in just one day. We’ll customize a Showit template from our shop to get your business in motion fast.

one day website

A 1:1 collab to build a fully custom and colorful site. I dedicate two weeks to creating a one-of-a-kind Showit website that’s equal parts dreamy and effective.

custom Web Design

The luxury all-inclusive resort of website design. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Sandals experience, though. Get the full treatment with a stand out brand and custom website design.

custom brand & Web Design

Your Website Could Be Next.

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