How to Use Astrology for Business with Laura Quintero

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Are you a business owner looking to get in tune with the stars? Then you’ll love this astrology for business post and podcast episode.

Astrology is becoming an increasingly popular tool for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. On The Unexpected Entrepreneur Podcast, we had Laura Quintero on to talk about how astrology can help you gain insight into running a successful business. She discussed how understanding the movements of the planets can help inform decisions and provide insight into your business.

In this blog post, we’ll look deeper into the fascinating world of astrology and how it can help you on your journey as an entrepreneur. We’ll explore some of Laura’s insights and dive deep into what makes astrology such a powerful tool for business owners.

Keep reading to learn all about astrology for business.

Meet Laura Quintero

Image of a woman holding a stack of books on top of her head on the left with text on the right that reads "How to use astrology for business with Laura Quintero".

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m an astrologer and brand photographer based in Virginia, and I use she/her pronouns. Unlike other creatives out there, I don’t necessarily consider myself a storyteller, more kind of like an editor.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a good story. But I’m a major bookworm, and I love good TV, and I love good movies. But my job, through both avenues of my business, isn’t to tell someone’s story for them, but it’s to help them discover the story they’re meant to tell.

Through both narrative brand photography, where I help entrepreneurs break past tropes in their industry, and I help people embrace who they’ve always been and rewrite outdated narratives through my birth chart readings and my astro weather forecasting.

This post is written from Laura’s POV from the podcast above.

Astrology for Business

How astrology and running a business intertwine

So from my perspective, astrology is really all about understanding yourself and kind of accepting how you understand the world and how you approach life.

I think there’s a big misconception that astrology or the planets are telling you what to do or they’re influencing who you are, but it’s really just a framework to understand your perspective on the world, and knowing how you function is going to make you a better business owner.

I think we have a tendency to see trends in the industry or people we trust and admire as leaders and say, “oh, they’re doing it this way, I need to do it that way too.” But a lot of times, we end up fighting against our natural gifts or our natural inclinations by just trying to be doing what everyone else is doing.

So being really in tune with your astrological whole framework and understanding how you function and how you thrive helps you make better and more aligned decisions as the business owner and not fight as much with your natural desires or your natural instincts, which tend to not to lead us astray if we just kind of trust our gut and go with what we believe to be true.

Hands shuffling a deck of tarot cards.

Major misconceptions in astrology

The first one, which I touched on a little bit, is that astrology is out here to tell you what to do or tell you how to live your life.

And when we’re talking about astrology, you have to remember that you still have autonomy. You are still in charge of your own life. You are making the choices, you are encountering scenarios and deciding what to do. So no planet out here is making you do anything.

But it’s up to you to choose how you want to approach things. And that’s where having an understanding of your birth chart can help you make decisions and feel supported in them because, you know, it’s what suits you; it’s what you feel the most confident doing. It’s what you are prepared to do well.

And I think another big misconception, too, is just astrology, in general, pop culture-wise, is very focused around the sun sign. So what signs the sun was in when you were born.

And that’s just because I think it was like in the 60s or 70s sun sign astrology got really popular because it was easy to just write some stuff for each sign every month as the sun change signs. And it got mass-produced and it got popular with magazines and newspapers.

And so we lost a lot of the nuance where it’s not that every Gemini that is born between May and June is exactly the same, because within that entire month, each day has its own unique astrological vibe, and every single second in every single place of the world, people are being born and inhabiting their chart differently.

So I think that is a big misconception. I think a lot of times, we associate particular signs with traits like you think of a PISCES as being really creative, you think of a Gemini as being a writer. You think of a Capricorn as being really serious.

And that’s such a generalized surface-level understanding of what astrology is because it only tells the story of one part of your chart, and there’s so much else going on 1s in your birth chart. And the last part of that misconception thread is also that, again, the chart is just a snapshot of what was happening with the planets the moment that you were born.

And it doesn’t take into account your life context, the environment that you were born into, the family that you were raised with, the specific events that you live through, and that also will always add to the story of your chart and influence how you understand your life, how you understand major moments, and how you move forward in your life.

A half moon against a dark night sky.

The Nuance of Astrology

I think that’s a really key part of understanding that nuance of astrology. Because for example, if we consider that, for example, Leos love to be the center of attention, A, that’s only telling us part of the story, and B, that doesn’t mean that if you’re not a Leo you don’t like to be the center of attention, or you can’t pursue a role that puts you in front of the camera or lets you be seen by others.

It just means you might approach that in a different way, or you might experience being seen differently than somebody with a different birth chart from personal experience.

I am a Pisces, which is the last side of the zodiac. It’s the sponge that absorbs everything around it. And I’ve always looked in every astrology horoscope or book or blog post. It’s always like, “Oh, Pisces are super emotional and super sensitive and super creative.”

I grew up in an environment where a lot of times my sensitivity was too much for everyone else to handle. And so it was like, oh, you’re too emotional, you’re getting too sensitive. It’s not that big of a deal. Just get over it.

And so, I didn’t learn how to understand my depth of emotions, and I definitely didn’t learn how to appreciate it. Now, though, I’m getting to a place of learning how to talk about my feelings, learning how to feel them properly, and learning how to honor them.

I’m also recognizing that sensitivity is what makes me a better photographer and a better astrologer because I can connect with people who maybe don’t feel safe in front of the camera. I can help ease them out of their shell in a way that helps them feel safe. I can find pieces of people’s branding and messaging in their stories and help them execute that in front of the camera. And I can help people really hold space for themselves and give themselves permission to be who they are.

That’s something that I’ve started using a lot in my branding on my copy and my website, really leaning into that kind of secret sauce that I have of being very perceptive and sensitive and observing little details that people might not notice they’re doing, but that I see.

I found that it’s been something that I can leverage in my branding and make it really clear to potential clients. I’m not just somebody pressing a button and taking pretty photos. I’m somebody who’s going to go deeper and help you feel comfortable being seen on camera, where maybe that wasn’t easy to do before.

So I found it really meaningful for me to not only give myself permission to be my soft, squishy emotional self but to also use that as a tool to serve my clients better and to help them understand why they should hire me if that’s what they’re looking for.

Two people sitting on chairs looking at a laptop.

Aligning Business with Astrology

You can definitely use astrological timing to your advantage when it comes to running a business. If we think of the birth chart as a snapshot of the moment that you were born at every moment of every day, the planets are still moving through their orbits, and they’re still cycling. So your birth chart is a snapshot.

But astrology is not static. It’s always in motion. So looking at how the planets were can and where they are right now can give us a lot of really helpful tools for timing things.

Now, caveat, before going any deeper into that, you do need to understand your birth chart well before you can think about timing things with it because your birth chart kind of gives you a map of your gifts, your talents, the things that come really easily to you.

It also can pinpoint difficult things, things that trigger you or make you feel more insecure than normal. It can identify things that maybe tend to be stumbling blocks for you. So knowing that in your chart will give you more information about whether a particular placement of the planets in the sky is going to set off your confidence and make you feel really bold and brave, or if it’s going to set off some insecurity and maybe leave you feeling a little bit doubtful or hesitant.

That’s huge, right? Because when we’re making choices in our business or launching things, some of it’s the preparation and the deliverables themselves and the offer, but a lot of it comes into how we feel about it.

If we feel insecure about what we’re trying to sell, it’s going to be very hard to sell convincingly, or it’s going to be very hard to get people on board if we feel confident we might be able to sell something better or maybe even just improve our success – even just feel more comfortable in the selling process.

Because not everybody loves to sell. It can kind of be a vulnerable experience. So all that to say, there is some timing stuff that you can use to work with launches. I’ll mention some stuff, but this might be a little bit advanced.

So if you are curious about this, I do have a service called Astro Weather where you get a personalized transit forecast that prepares you for the energy of the upcoming month or quarter. It’s essentially like looking at the weather forecast, just like you want to know that it’s going to rain, so you have to bring an umbrella.

You’ll want to know if a particular day will challenge you so that you can go in fully prepared. With astrological timing, it’s not a guarantee of success, or it’s not a blanket like this day, everything’s going to be great.

A globe sitting on a counter.

But it does give you a chance to plan launches or plan to work on creating content on a day when your success rate is 90% instead of when your success rate is closer to 10%.

So some possible transits to look out for are transits of Jupiter to your rising sign or your mid-heaven that are going to support a lot of growth expansion and some visibility.

Positive transits of Saturn to your Mars or Mercury are going to be great days to help with productivity and discipline. So if you have a lot of really heavy work to get done or a day when you need to really focus, that’s a great time for that.

If you have any interactions between Venus and the sky and your sun rising mid-heaven or your personal Venus placement, that can be a really good time for launches. That will bring in some positive feedback, some really good public perception of your brand, and maybe even some extra financial success.

And then, of course, I’m sure a lot of us have heard about Mercury retrograde. It’s not a time to be afraid or to hide in a hole and do nothing. But it is a time when major launches or big tech decisions or technological activities could be a little haywire if we’re not careful. So avoiding major launches during a Mercury retrograde period or during eclipse season will release some tension.

Again, that doesn’t mean you can never launch anything when these things are happening. It just means that if you are going to launch, make sure you have everything organized and that you give yourself time and space for things to go wrong because they might.

The last thing I’ll talk about is transits, something that’s been really beneficial for me is I’ve started using what sign the Moon is in at any given moment to kind of optimize my work day. It’s a really simple way to use astrology on a day-to-day basis that can be really effective.

Every two and a half to three days, the Moon Changes sign. And if you follow that movement, you can really optimize your work day and feel really good.

For example, like a Virgo Moon Day or a Capricorn Moon Day are really good for focused and productive work. Crossing stuff off the to-do list, tackling those tasks you never really feel like doing, those would be great days to schedule them.

If you have a Leo Moon, a Libra Moon, those are really great days for creating content. So if you’re scheduling a brand shoot, doing so on a Libra Moon Day could be amazing because you’ll probably feel your most beautiful and be ready to show up on camera.

A Leo Moon would be great for recording reels or some kind of face-to-face client interaction where you want to show off your best self.

And a couple of other examples a Gemini Moon is going to be amazing for writing, so scheduling blog posts, social media captions for the month, that would be awesome on a Gemini or even an Aries Moon Day.

Then of course, if you want to rest or be creative just for your own sake, that would be awesome for a Pisces or a Cancer Moon. Those are just some suggestions of ways to kind of harness that lunar energy into your workday and planning ahead for content creation and for creating work for your business.

A person reading a book while writing in a notebook.

How to be more in tune with astrology when it comes to running your business

My first piece of advice is to really just get familiar with your birth chart, to understand yourself as a person.

If you know your skills, if you know what sets you apart, and if you know what matters to you, it’s going to be easier to take action and make decisions that are in alignment with your values, your values and your brand’s values.

So really getting familiar with yourself and part of that isn’t just like, “Oh, I’m an Aries, so I’m really bold and brave,” but it’s saying, “Okay, because I’m an Aries and I’m very bold and brave, I shouldn’t talk down on myself when I make an impulsive decision. I should give myself permission to trust my gut. I should allow myself to leave space in my calendar to try new things or give myself at least one day a week where I have nothing on the calendar, so I can just follow my intuition on what needs to get done.”

I think a lot of times when we are running businesses, and we’re learning from other leaders in the industry, we might take in a lot of that advice that says, if you want to be successful, do A-B-C and D. And if you’re over here wanting to do F and they’re saying no, you have to do these four things, and you’re over here doing something else, it can be really easy to get down on yourself.

I think in understanding your birth chart and understanding yourself, part of that journey is not fighting against yourself.

Like I mentioned earlier, as a Pisces, being somebody who is very emotionally driven, fighting against that will leave me feeling unlike myself. It will make me doubt myself. It will leave me feeling really vulnerable and afraid because I’m not connected with who I am.

Somebody who might be a Virgo, who’s really structured and organized, might really struggle with the idea of working, like, a couple of hours a day on one project and the next day doing something else.

And they might need to have every day with a particular goal in mind, or they might succeed better having – I know you guys kind of do this with your clients – where you work with one client over the span of two weeks, start to finish.

You start a project, and then you finish the project, and then you move into the next one. That might be helpful for someone who wants more order versus somebody juggling a thousand things at a different time.

I think it is a matter of not forcing yourself to fit what everybody else is doing and allowing yourself to do things in a way that works for you. Knowing your chart well and understanding all the different facets of it is going to be really supportive.

Even recognizing that it’s not just about your sun sign, but knowing what your moon sign is could be really helpful to tune into astrology and help it build safety in your business.

So those are my main suggestions – it is really just getting to know your chart, allowing yourself to work with your natural inclinations and not fighting against yourself, and to go deeper than just what your sun sign says.

But learning about your moon sign and your rising and your mid heaven, which is an amazing place to look for branding inspiration and how the world sees you and how you can therefore market yourself and turn all these little nuggets into your unique value proposition and share them with your clients and put them on your website and in your branding and your marketing messaging and post them about them on Instagram and kind of use that to help you stand out.

Final Thoughts: Business Astrology

We hope you enjoyed this post and podcast all about astrology for business! If you want to learn more, we highly recommend you check out Laura’s website.

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