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You want to be able to focus more on long-term marketing efforts, and you spend the time writing blog posts already, but you spend hours writing them, finding the right photos… only for them to bring you absolutely no traffic at all. Not the vibe!

Just think about how much easier it would be if you actually knew how to find keywords that people were searching for, had a roadmap that told you exactly where to put them, and felt confident that the post would rank and bring in more dreamy clients to your brand.

You know that SEO is important, you just don’t fully know how the heck it works.

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A no-BS course teaching you how to write blog posts that actually rank.

Blogging for Business


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✓ Feeling excited because you’d have content that lasted more than 24 hours on Instagram (& let’s be honest, it’s only 24 hours on IG if you’re lucky)

✓ Knowing that the posts you write aren’t going to tank on Google

✓ Feeling confident in going on vacation or taking a break from social media, because you could rely on Google for site traffic & leads


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Here’s the thing. We could’ve turned this into an entire course, but you need answers and you need them NOW. With our course format, you’ll get the information needed without all the fluff (because we are firm believers that you should totally save fluff just for peanut butter sandwiches).

After watching Blogging for Business, you’ll be able to sit down and write blog posts with ease. Instead of spending hours writing a blog post and hoping that it will get picked up from the depths of Google, you’ll have the tools to create ones that not only rank but actually convert.

Throughout this course, you’ll get everything you need to write a blog post that ranks, from how to actually find what people are searching for, choosing keywords that you can rank for (like, let’s NOT write a blog post on a topic that everyone else has already written & hope that it sticks), how to upload a post with accessibility and SEO in mind, and what to do once you’ve written that blog post to make sure more eyeballs see it.

We’re not here to waste your time.

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This is not your average blogging course because there’s a community! You can join the community as a member of the course and ask any of your blogging questions.

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✓ You’re an online service provider, meaning you get most of your business online and you offer a service, like photography, design, wedding planning, coaching, copywriting, etc.

✓ You’ve dabbled in blogging and have had no results or you’re ready to add blogging as a marketing channel but you don’t know where to start

✓ You’re sick of relying on Instagram and other social media platforms for all of your business

Regardless of the services you offer, Blogging for Business will teach you how to find keywords that work for your specific niche.

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The course ends with a replay of the live Q&A. (If you purchase the replay, you can always send us an email to get any of your q’s answered.)

Q&a replay

So, you wrote the blog post, now what? We’ll teach you exactly how to get more eyeballs on your content so it doesn’t go to waste.

getting more eyeballs to your blogs

Once you’ve written your blog post, it’s important to upload it & add images the proper way for SEO and accessibility. We’ll teach you how & give you a checklist to make it easy!

uploading a blog post the right way

After finding the keywords, what do you do next? We’ll teach you how to outline a post that will rank so that you can save yourself time.

how to write a blog post w/keywords

Not all keywords are rankable. We’ll teach you how to dive into your own domain’s authority to find what you can rank for, and we’ll show you how to do keyword research.

finding keywords that you can actually rank for

We start off by diving into blogging in general - why trust us, how it can help your business, and why it’s a much better idea to focus on it than socials.

Why’s blogging a good idea?

What's Covered in the Course

category is:

✓ 3 blog post outlines for the posts all service providers should write

✓ Blog post checklist for publishing your posts so you don’t miss anything

✓ Notion blog hub template to keep track of your posts

Plus, receive the following templates to write blog posts without the hassle:

KP and Jessie are the strategic bloggers behind Blogging for Business. They blog using the keyword first method for their clients and on their travel blog, which has garnered over 65,000+ pageviews per month and growing. Over the years, they’ve tried many different SEO tactics and now know what really works, especially when it comes to blogging for online business owners.

KP & Jessie, both she/her/hers

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Frequently Asked Questions


Not at all! Whether you're on Showit, WordPress, Squarespace or even Wix, you can apply what you learned onto your website's platform.


The course is roughly 2 hours long. However, it's cut up into short, bite-sized videos.


If you purchase the replay, join our FB community! You can get answers to any of your questions there.

Due to this product being digital, there are no refunds.

Receive instant access to the course, access to our community, and the bonus templates

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