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Start attracting your dream clients organically so you can rely less on social media

This can be done through blogging and/or overall website SEO optimization. (Blogging is our fave way to get easy Google traffic!)

We grew our own travel blog to 60k+ pageviews a month from SEO alone, which we now make passive income from just by keeping updated. It WORKS.

What if we told you that there are people out there actively searching for your offerings every single day, and all it took was proper SEO optimization? 

The algorithm is constantly changing, half the time you post nobody even sees it, and it’s unrewarding 90% of the time. Yet, we keep going back to it.

Let’s be honest: social media is hard & downright draining.

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The word “SEO” can be daunting, we know! That’s why we keep the process super easy for you!

We’ll have a private Notion portal where we can chat with one another and we’ll keep you up to date with everything happening to your project. All we need from you is feedback and the answers to a few questions during onboarding for us to get started with any of our SEO services!

SEO doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

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$850 per month


minimum 3 month contract


  • 2 blog posts each with approximately 1500 words
  • 1 round of revision included on each post 
  • In-depth keyword research to find which posts should be written. The research will be presented to you so you can have a say in what gets written!
  • Uploading the blog posts to your blog and publishing them
  • Image optimization with proper meta descriptions
  • Monthly blog post SEO check-in to share Google rankings (Posts can take up to a year to settle in rankings)
  • Access to a private project dashboard via Notion where project drafts, information, etc. will be housed

what's included:

We get it; you’re super busy! Let us completely take blog writing off your plate and write the posts for you. This service is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who wants assurance knowing their posts are written with SEO in mind.

our most popular seo service

Monthly Blog Writing

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1 week


  • Extensive keyword research
  • 12 blog post outlines written with prompts and keyword placement so that you can just sit and write your posts
  • A recommended posting schedule so you can spread your content out over 6 months

what's included:

Prefer to write blog posts on your own but just need some help getting started? Our Blogging Lift-Off is the perfect option for you!

A done-with-you approach

Blogging Lift-Off

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You want to be able to go on vacation, hang out with friends and family, and take a day off without worrying that you could get a new lead that day

You don't want to have to show up on social media all the time and want to eliminate social media guilt

You want to be found by people already searching for you

SEO is a good option for you if:

Brooke, Photographer

“At the point of hiring help I was exhausted and unhappy with my site and they made the experience exciting. To go from burnt out to excited alone was worth the money paid. Everything was so fast and they took all the thing I mentioned and QUICKLY turned them into what I needed!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pick keywords?

We pick keywords by using our proven keyword research method. We first ask you what kinds of things you want to rank for and use that as a starting point.

What's your experience with seo?

KP has been working with SEO for 10+ years and runs a successful travel blog called Volumes & Voyages that receives 60,000+ pageviews per month from Google.

What results have you gotten for past clients?

While we can't guarantee results, past clients have seen an increase in inquiries, growth in monthly website traffic, and more brand awareness due to consistently blogging with us.

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