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Blogging & SEO Services

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The algorithm is constantly changing, half the time you post nobody even sees it, and it's downright draining and unrewarding 90% of the time. Yet, we keep going back to it.

What if we told you that there are people out there actively searching for your offerings every single day, and all it took was proper SEO optimization? This can be done through blogging and/or overall website SEO optimization. (Blogging is our fave way to get easy Google traffic!)

We grew our own travel blog to 25k+ pageviews a month from SEO alone, which we now make passive income from just by keeping updated. It WORKS.

Let's be honest; social media is hard.

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The word "SEO" can be daunting, we know! But we've taken multiple courses on SEO (especially pertaining to blogging). That's why we keep the process super easy for you!

We'll have a private Notion portal where we can chat with one another and we'll keep you up to date with everything happening to your project. All we need from you is feedback and the answers to a few questions during onboarding for us to get started with any of our SEO services!

SEO doesn't have to be difficult at all

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$500/month for 2 blog posts per month or $1000/month for 4 blog posts a month. Payment is due monthly.

the price:

minimum 3 month contract


  • 2  or 4 blog posts each with approximately 1500 words
  • 1 round of revision included on each post 
  • In-depth keyword research to find which posts should be written. The research will be presented to you so you can have a say in what gets written!
  • Uploading the blog posts to your blog and publishing them
  • Image optimization with proper meta descriptions
  • Monthly blog post SEO check-in to share Google rankings (Posts can take up to a year to settle in rankings)
  • Access to a private project dashboard via Notion where project drafts, information, etc. will be housed

Monthly blog writing includes:

We get it; you're super busy! Let us completely take blog writing off your plate and write the posts for you. This service is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who wants assurance knowing their posts are written with SEO in mind.

Monthly Blog Writing & Maintenance

Our Blogging & SEO Packages

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$1000 or 2 monthly payments of $500

the price:

1 day


  • Optimization of 10 posts on your blog 
  • 3 months worth of keywords for blog posts (1 post a week)
  • Content calendar in Notion that includes all of your keywords to help keep you on a regular posting schedule
  • Help setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics (if you haven’t already) so you can keep track of your blog's stats
  • Keyword tracking database so you can track your progress
  • Video tutorials going through how to update old posts and how to use the keyword tracking sheet 
  • Our blogging success guide 

this awesome service includes:

Have tons of old posts that you've written without SEO in mind? Let us help to revive them so you can reap the benefits of your hard work! Note that this service does not include adding extra content to your posts, besides imagery if needed.

SEO Optimization VIP Day

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$100 per single blog post outline, or get a bundle of 6 for $500.

the price:

1 week turnaround


  • Keyword research with suggested primary and alternate keyword(s)
  • Suggested word count for your blog post
  • Headings to use throughout your post, with brief copy prompts throughout to help you get your creative juices flowing when you write
  • A full post outline provided in Google Docs breaking down all of the above in one easy place, so you can write

Each blog post outline includes:

Let's be honest, keyword research can take a while, especially if you don't know how to do it. With this service, we'll provide you SEO-optimized outlines so you just have to write!

Blog Post Outlines

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$125 per page

the price:

Depends on # of pages


  • Optimization of one of your website pages
  • Addition of keywords added into your website copy to help you better show up on Google
  • Alt text added to all imagery
  • Text properties will be set properly for SEO and screen readers
  • Proper layering will be set up if on Showit

this awesome service includes:

Want to make sure your presence on Google is in tip top shape? We now offer website SEO services where we will add keywords throughout your site, make sure you have alt text on all your images, write meta descriptions, and more.

Website SEO Optimization

Brooke, Photographer

"At the point of hiring help I was exhausted and unhappy with my site and they made the experience exciting. To go from burnt out to excited alone was worth the money paid. Everything was so fast and they took all the thing I mentioned and QUICKLY turned them into what I needed!"

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