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Brooke Michelle (she/her) is a wedding and portrait photographer for the colorful and playful. She already had an amazing main website but wanted a matching shop to go with it. Her overall goal was to have a more user-centered shop where she could sell fun apparel and digital products to her audience.

For this project, Brooke Michelle was a great fit for my custom web design service. We completed six pages in addition to a page for each of her products so she could successfully sell everything in her shop. Overall, the new design is a lot more streamlined and feels more like a traditional shop website with some other unexpected additions.

Check out the complete transformation of the site below.

Brooke Michelle Photography

When Michelle first reached out, she had a main site that she loved, but the shop extension of her site just wasn't doing her work any justice. She wanted a shop that felt much more like a "shop" with online shop features, especially for single products.

When asked, here's what Michelle had to say: "Bleh. It did it's job but something always felt off."

Before working together...

The new shop is cohesive with her main website, allowing for a more parallel experience.


Each product page has multiple images and similar products underneath, like a classic shop.

Detailed Product Pages

The UX is a lot cleaner now, allowing customers to want to keep scrolling until purchase.

Solid User Experience

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Michelle, owner of Brooke Michelle Photography

"At the point of hiring help I was exhausted and unhappy with my site and she made the experience exciting. To go from burnt out to excited alone was worth the money paid. Everything was so fast and she took all the things I mentioned and QUICKLY turned them into what I needed!"

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