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Imagine turning your creative passion into a profitable business that allowed you to enjoy your life to the fullest

Future standout designers, build a successful web design business you’re proud of!

You want to do amazing work for your clients but you lack confidence in your design skills and the thought of having clients go through your proccess is stressing you out. 

You’re tired of seeing web design being marketed as a get rich quick scheme and want a real-deal course with actionable steps and community at a price point you can afford. 

You know that being a web designer is the right path for you, but the thought of starting, operating and marketing your business feels overwhelming AF. 

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Where boundary-pushing entrepreneurs come together and learn the skills & strategies to run a sought-after web design business. 

You don’t need to compromise on who you are to build a freedom-making business. At Camp Site, we embrace what makes you unique whilst building a successful web design business that you can feel proud of! 

Camp Site


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  • Running a business so in demand that you could pick and chose your dream clients as you please
  • Having the success and freedom to enjoy life and travel the world on your own schedule
  • Knowing exactly how to build a strategic site from scratch that WOWs your clients
  • Feeling confident in operating your business and delivering an incredible client experience


After joining Camp Site, creating intentional and boundary-pushing designs with your client in mind will feel easy. Instead of throwing things together on a site to look pretty, you will learn how to turn ideas into strategic designs that help your clients make sales.

You will get all the guidance & resources you need to create seamless client experiences that make you feel proud. Together we will set up simple and automated processes that take the stress out of running a business, whilst saving you lots of time!

Once your business is up and running, we will help you create an organic marketing strategy across multiple platforms that feels good and is authentic to you. Whether you want to market on TikTok, master blogging or build a profitable referral program through past clients, Camp Site has you covered!

We believe in transparency, and running a business is never easy, but what if we could make it simple?

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Imagine being in a room of like-minded future web designers and having someone to lean on when a business feels hard. Inside Camp Site, you also get access to a supportive Voxer group chat: A community for co-learning, support & friendship!

Our Community!

And the best part???

Regardless of your background, we know you’re committed and excited to turn your creative passion into a profitable business. You know that running a business isn’t easy, but you’re looking for a course that can make it simple, which is exactly what Camp Site does. 

  • You’re in the online space but your current work doesn’t feel aligned and exciting.
  • You’ve may have dabbled in design in the past and want to make a living from it. 
  • You’re new to the design world but are eager and ready to learn a new skill.

Who is this for? 

Offboarding is just as important as onboarding. We help you create an impressive hand-off process and raise your monthly income through recurring revenue and referral programs.

Module six: offboarding and retaining clients

After this module you will know exactly what information to collect from clients and how to bring your mockups to life through Adobe XD and Showit. 

Module five: Web design process

Ready to become a skilled designer? We cover everything from typography and layout design to website strategy and creative inspiration. 

Module four: design basics & web strategy

Module three will help you craft your simple and tailor-fitted marketing strategy to sell out your offers with ease (whilst staying uniquely you!)

Module three: Marketing like a pro

It’s time to create your unique brand with in demand offers and excellent client experience.

Module two:
business foundations

This module will help you identify what makes you different and guide you through the first steps of setting up and planning for your business.

Module one: introduction, mindset, & your why

Explore our course modules!

Here's What's Inside

Camp is currently closed. Enrollment will open again in the spring.

Everything you ever wanted for your business is instead Camp Site, the all-inclusive experience for boundary-pushing future web designers. We know you're ready to build a profitable business that gives you the freedom to live your life!