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Learn the Skills You Need to Rank on Google as a Creative Business Owner


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The truth is, without a solid understanding of SEO best practices, it's easy to miss out on potential business opportunities. 

Low search engine rankings can lead to poor visibility and reduced website traffic, making it difficult for your creative business to stand out in a competitive online landscape. And without the knowledge of how to measure and track the success of your SEO efforts, it's easy to feel lost and uncertain about the direction of your business.

We're here to guide you on your journey towards a sustainable and profitable creative business. Together, we'll navigate the world of SEO, ensuring that you understand and implement best practices without sacrificing your artistic vision.

Picture a world where your website ranks high on search engines, effortlessly attracting organic traffic and bringing in a steady stream of new clients.


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unlock the full potential of your creative business through the power of Google and organic traffic.

Imagine if you could wake up every morning, excited and energized to work on your creative business... without posting on social media.

With improved visibility and higher rankings, your creative business would reach a wider audience, allowing you to connect with more potential clients who resonate with your unique vision and offerings. Plus, the people your website reaches would be actually searching for you on Google... they'll literally be looking for what you offer.

With the right guidance and support in Inkpot Creative Club, we know that you'll have the skills that you need to soar with SEO and get more organic traffic that you can nurture into clients. You just need someone (or some-two) by your side to help you along the way.


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This is an all-new SEO membership with monthly live SEO-related masterclasses. This is the perfect solution for online business owners who are passionate about their craft and want to achieve a more sustainable marketing model in their business. 

By leveraging Google and organic traffic, you can attract more clients without posting on social media everyday. 

With our monthly masterclasses, you'll learn how to improve your website's visibility and ranking on search engines, driving more organic traffic to your site. Plus, we'll break down the basics of SEO and show you how it directly applies to your creative business.

Look no further than the inkpot creative club.

Are you ready to take your creative business to new heights with SEO?

KP (she/her) is the founder behind Inkpot Creative and Jessie is our in-house developer. But... we both also do a LOT with SEO.

KP has grown a travel blog that started as a hobby into a full second business by increasing its rankings on Google and it now receives 60k pageviews/month and growing. Plus, her SEO tactics have helped clients with online businesses see traffic growth between 20 - 77.7% (yes, oddly specific - we like numbers here).

Jessie (she/her) has also become a master of SEO, learning from KP since joining Inkpot Creative last year. She heavily focuses on website SEO optimization and making sure that everything from client images to their blog posts are uploaded with proper SEO for rankability so they can see massive growth.

We started the Inkpot Creative Club because we don't want SEO to be so gatekept. There's so much misc. knowledge about SEO thrown around online - it's time that there was a space for online creatives to learn it and have fun implementing it from other creatives who have seen success from SEO themselves.

Hey, we're KP & Jessie!

haaaaaave you met us?

  • Enhancing website rankings to attract more organic traffic.
  • Improving website visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Mastering keyword research and implementation techniques.
  • Understanding SEO analytics to make data-driven decisions.

What can ICC help you achieve?

  • Solopreneurs looking to optimize their website's SEO.
  • Small business owners wanting to increase their online visibility.
  • Bloggers aiming to drive organic traffic to their website.
  • Business founders wanting to stay updated on the latest SEO strategies.

Who is the Inkpot Creative Club for?

Each month, we'll be doing a giveaway of some type (like a blog SEO audit to help a member out). Plus, there will be opportunities to win Creative Cash, which you can use towards any of our services or digital products.

monthly giveaways & opportunities to win creative cash

Participate in our live implementation calls, where you can get on-the-spot SEO mentorship and coaching. You'll be able to ask questions about anything SEO-related and get customized feedback live. It doesn't even have to be about whatever that month's topic is. We're here for you, and we can help you troubleshoot any SEO issues or questions!

monthly live Implementation call

Join our vibrant community chat on Discord, where you can connect with fellow online business owners, share ideas, chat all things SEO, and receive support and guidance from a supportive network. 

Access to Discord Community Chat

Join our monthly live masterclasses, where you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to make your online business more visible with SEO. Each month's masterclass will be on a niche SEO topic. There will be a live Q&A at the end of every masterclass!

Monthly Live Masterclass (+ recording)

We want you to make an informed decision on if this is the right fit - here's what's inside!

What’s Included In The Membership

You'll also get access to BFB for the duration of your time in the membership. This is our course on how to find keywords and write blog posts that rank. It's included because it's foundational to the membership.

Blogging for Business (normally $97)

Each month, we'll be doing a giveaway of some type (like a blog SEO audit to help a member out). Plus, there will be opportunities to win Creative Cash, which you can use towards any of our services or digital products.

monthly giveaways & opportunities to win creative cash


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Here's what the topics are for 2024. We're always open to moving topics around depending on what our members most want to learn!

  • January: Strategically Crafting Lead Magnets
  • February: Crafting Content Pillars That Convert
  • March: How to Rank with Case Studies
  • April: How to Write Income-Generating Affiliate Posts
  • May: How to Rank with Educational Blog Posts
  • June: Showing Expertise On Your Website to Boost Rankings
  • July: Using Pinterest to Boost Traffic

Wondering what the 2024 masterclass topics are?


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You can join now for $17/month.

So... how much is this?


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Did we mention there's a refund policy?

We're going all in with our new exclusive 30-day refund policy, available just for this membership because we believe in it so much.

That’s right. 30 FULL days to get access to Inkpot Creative Club and bring your A-game. 

Give at least the first masterclass a chance. Get Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up on your website. Utilize what's taught in the video training for Blogging for Business. Ask questions in the community Discord channel. Email us when something feels really tough.
If you don’t feel like you have more control over your SEO and business, figure out how to use SEO effectively, and learn how to rank on Google because you finally are learning the ins and outs of SEO and what's actually rankable...we'll refund you the cost you paid for the membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the live masterclasses be hosted?

The live masterclasses and Implementation Calls will be hosted via Zoom. You'll be able to join a shared Google Calendar with upcoming event dates so that you can keep track of them.

How long til i see results?

Unfortunately... this depends. You may see results in as little as 6 months, but it could take up to 18 months. Each business is different.

If I join later will I still get access to old replays?

Yes! We will be keeping content collections from each month so that if you join, let's say, in December, you'll still get access to everything from August through then.

What if I need more 1:1 seo help after being in your membership?

We will offer 1:1 SEO mentorship sessions through the membership for club members who want more help. Plus, you can always ask any SEO questions on live Implementation Calls or in the Discord chat.

Do I need any SEO knowledge to join?

Nope, not at all! You'll get direct access to Blogging for Business upon joining and we recommend checking that masterclass out first before attending a live call. You'll also get walkthroughs on how to set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you can track your results. The rest will all be learned in the masterclasses - newbies are welcome!


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