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Collette (she/her) is a Texas-based photographer who works full time and does photography on the side. She was already on Showit but wanted a website that was equal parts visually interesting and easy to navigate for her customers.

The One Day Website was the perfect option for Collette, and we customized our Callie template to be perfect for her business over the course of a day. This service has since been rebranded as our Semi-Custom Website Design experience.

See the transformation below!

Collette Joy Photo

Collette had her website designed by another designer on Showit already a while ago, but felt that it wasn't accurately depicting her business and the experience that she provides. She also felt that the font choices weren't in line with her business anymore.

We knew that we'd be able to help create a more cohesive experience for Collette's clients, with unique new font choices to match.

Before working together...

As a photographer, we wanted lots of space to be able to show off Collette's work.

Image Driven

We wanted to add unique movement pieces like parallax imagery and marquees.

Hints of Movement

Linear elements would be used throughout the website to draw the visitor's eye.

Linear Elements

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Collette, owner of Collette Joy Photo

"THANK YOU GUYS SOOO SOO MUCH! IT'S PERFECT AND PERFECTLY REPRESENTS MY BRAND! I cant stop looking at it! thank you thank you - you guys are amazing 💙"

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