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This copywriter website design is sure to impress you! Designed in the summer of 2021, the Inkpot Creative team designed this Showit website for Come Alive Co, an incredible copywriting studio that helps entrepreneurs write copy that immediately attracts dream clients.

With a fun, colorful style and A+ copy to boot, this website created on Showit is truly one of the favorites that we’ve designed. While we normally have a set two-week turnaround for our custom website design service, we actually designed this whole site in just one week.

Wanna learn more? Here’s everything to know about this copywriter website design!

Designing With Colorful Branding

ipad with a copywriter website pulled up sitting next to a croissant, a pen, and a cup of coffee

When we first connected with the founder of Come Alive Co, Ché, for her copywriter website design, she let us know that she had just invested in new branding and was truly ready to level up her website. She was using an old Showit template that was customized that had become recognizable but didn’t match the level she was about to step into.

With that, we knew that our goal here was to really help Ché level up with her new Showit website. She asked us to use her current templated website as a base, so this ended up being a unique mix of a template customization with a custom site, and the results were incredible.

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The new branding for Come Alive Co was just as colorful as it used to be but included some deeper tones which we knew we would be able to have fun with. It also had a more editorial look mixed with new patterns and shapes that we’d be able to utilize throughout the website.

Touches of Visual Interest Through Interactivity

an ipad sitting on a white table next to notebooks, a pair of glasses, and a cup of coffee

Since they’re known for their writing, Come Alive Co gave us the most detailed copywriting document to pull copy from to design their website which made our already-smooth process even smoother. We immediately started designing on day one by implementing all of their copy throughout the site, redesigning the template as we went.

Truthfully, the template was customized so much with this copywriter website design that in the end, it looked nothing like it anymore!

Since we were provided with so much copy, we had the unique challenge of finding ways to include all the text without inundating the visitor with so much to read. So, a lot of the text is actually “hidden” behind buttons that can be clicked.

Not only does this make the copy easier to read, but it also makes it even more visually interesting. Think about it, aren’t you more likely to stick around on a site that has more spots to click?

We also added lots of fun gallery sections with Come Alive Co’s new imagery that they had taken. This meant taking the photos and making them automatically switch using Showit’s gallery feature to add some fun, unexpected movement as someone scrolled throughout a website.

Upon seeing the website, here’s what Ché had to say:

“HOLY FORKIN’ CREPE BALLS!!! Krystianna KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE MOTHER FREAKIN’ PARK. In the fabricated words of William Shakespeare, I am SHOOKETH at the level of brilliance, talent, and beauty Krystianna brought to our website. She managed to take the creations and designs of two other designers and truly integrate them for an elevated, refined, BEAUTIFUL, and yet still JOYFUL feel that is *so* rare and unique to ME. I’m getting SO excited to launch it to the world *tomorrow* and just KNOW people are about to be BLOWN. AWAY. by the site as my whole team and I have!!!”

A Copywriter Website Design in Style

an ipad sitting next to a plant, pile of notebooks, and a cup of coffee

As we were designing this copywriter website design, we really focused on keeping a fun effect and vibe while also elevating the site with the new branding. For example, in the image above, you can see that it’s fun with the unique shapes and color play, but it still feels elevated because the design is clean, streamlined, and strategic.

Overall, we really did use every single color in the color palette to keep it super on-brand and bold. I mean, their copy packs a punch, so it only makes sense that their website matched!

Throughout the process, we also communicated with Ché every step of the way. We truly value our client experience and aim to make it as easy as possible to work with us. We want to take the website design off our client’s plate while still keeping them involved through collaboration!

Here’s what Ché had to say when asked about the process:

“Holy forkin’ shoot balls Krystianna you were the MOST efficient vendor I’ve EVER had the pleasure of working with. You made me feel supported and seen with ALL my freaking changes, never complaining when I added *yet ANOTHER* page. The fact that you added an Instagram click page was also the cherry on top of an already scrumptious sundae!!! I also even appreciated that surprise Starbucks gift — it’s truly little details like this that make the biggest difference! I love how STREAMLINED your documentation is, from your [project] board to your timely emails to deadlines and being available back and forth. I’ve also never seen the website platform you use to get client feedback, and as a website creator myself (mainly words), this made the process SOOO EASY. I also love how willing you were to get your hands dirty — from uploading the photos yourself to offering to reduce the video size… you just truly were the hugest delight to work with.”

As mentioned earlier in this post, we also did this entire site in half the time we normally do! Seriously, we designed the entire site in five days flat, allowing for a quick and seamless launch. When asked about the quick turnaround, here’s what Ché had to say:

“Oh, I LOVE quick turnarounds. It made me feel so confident because everything else had been planned MONTHS in advance and of course, the web design came *last* (and yet is probably the most important!). I LOVED that you made it a week turnaround!”

The Final Result: The Best Copywriter Website!

tablet next to a croissant, coffee, and notebooks

In the end, we created one dang trendy, stylish, yet strategic copywriter website design for Come Alive Co that will serve them for years to come. It implemented their new branding and photography and completely elevated their old look, which was the goal all along!

Wanna see the final website for Come Alive Co? Click here!

Even though we loved the website, we always want to make sure our clients are head over heels for their site, too. Here’s Ché’s official testimonial upon finishing the project:

“Inkpot Creative is THE go-to for efficient, PROFESSIONAL service that will not only blow your website project out of the water with their brilliantly elegant and DELICIOUS design; they’ll also BLOW YOUR MIND for how timely, supportive, and above-and-beyond their service is. I cannot recommend Krystianna enough, especially in a tight turnaround when you just need the right person to count on to take your vision STEPS HIGHER than where you ever saw it. She took my new branding from previous designers and just integrated it all together to make the most cohesive, sexy, and yet FUNCTIONAL site that I could never have seen in my wildest dreams. And this is saying a lot because I’m a Branding professional (on the Story/words side) who has NOTORIOUSLY high standards after writing and guiding sites for King’s Hawaiian,, GoDaddy for the Super Bowl, and other HUGE household names. Make sure to book her up FAR in advance… I have a feeling she’s going to explode and become very, very busy soon!”

So, are you ready to finally level up your own website? We’d love to give you the same results as Come Alive Co with this copywriter website design! Click here to get in touch; we’d love to hear about your project.

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