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Emily (she/her) is a Detroit-based wedding, lifestyle, and branding photographer who loves capturing great moments. When she reached out, she felt her website felt a lot like a template. She was ready to step it up with a completely custom site!

Emily invested in our custom web design service. Rather than just completing 5 pages, we designed 16 pages over the course of two weeks! We also moved her entire site over from Squarespace over to Showit. Keep scrolling to see the transformation!

Emily Kyle Photography

Before working together, Emily liked her website but felt that it was only 50% there. She wasn’t satisfied with it and always wanted to tweak it, but felt limited on Squarespace.

Her old website was also very black, and we knew that we could help make her site more dynamic and scroll-worthy with clearer CTAs and user journey. We got to work designing a new website with all-new copy!

Once seeing the new website, Emily said: "I AM BEYOND EXCITED. I finally have a website I'm proud of, that I literally want everyone to go look at and that truly feels like me. For once, I don't have the urge to redo it every time I go to my own home page. I'm very happy to see and know everything Showit can do and love that my website was custom, not a template that every other photographer around me has. In some ways, it feels like a HUGE business win and a big step forward for me. Part of that is also the copy and how effortlessly that fits in to the design."

Before working together...

We used editorial design choices throughout, such as with typography and sections.

editorial styling

Emily's gold color was used to inspire action throughout the website with CTAs.

Gold to inspire action

Lines and color blocks were used strategically throughout to help guide the visitor's eye.

Elegant lines

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Emily, owner of Emily Kyle Photography

"I'm obsessed with my website and love knowing it's not a template and no one else out there has the same website. Working with Inkpot Creative was one of the best investments I've ever made in my business. My only regret is that I didn't find and hire KP earlier and save myself so much frustration. I will definitely be coming back to KP for all of my web design needs. She's amazing!"

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