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Rebrand your entire business with a new brand design, SEO-optimized website, AND 6 blog posts to boost traffic. 

The Intentional Changemaker Experience

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So, what if your dream clients could find you organically and you could walk away with a website that you’re proud to share and that actually feels like you and your brand? You can get those very results with The Intentional Changemaker Experience.

As an inclusive and intentional photographer, a lot of your time goes into building connections beyond the transaction with your clients.

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Since starting your business, you’ve worked to build your brand’s reputation. You’ve got the A+ client experience, you know your work is top-notch (you’ve got the testimonials to prove it), and your work is an accurate representation of your skills.

However, your brand and website are generic and, honestly, a bit boring… and you know it. We'll work with you 1:1 to truly craft a stand-out brand and website. You’ll hop on a vision call with us to get clear on your goals so that we can build you a brand and website that works FOR you, not against you. 

It’s time to treat your website the way you treat your Instagram feed curation.

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With The Intentional Changemaker Experience, we’re not just going to build you a brand and website and send you to sashay away. Instead, we’re going to set you up for success with SEO so that you can have your dream clients find you organically.

The best ways for your clients to find you (because, trust us, they ARE searching for you) are to signal to Google what you offer with SEO and to have conversion-driven blog posts written that target exactly what your people are searching for already. 

You can focus on working in your business. At the same time, we conduct in-depth keyword research, add keywords to your site in all the right places, and make sure all of your imagery has alt text for accessibility because boring, inaccessible websites lose leads.

Strategy is not just a buzzword; it’s a necessity.

It's official! You get to launch. We provide post-launch support & share tutorials and final files.


We design and develop your entire website over these three weeks, checking in for feedback.

Week 5 -7: Website Design

You get the entire week to review your 6 blog posts and provide photos for each post.

Week 4: Feedback Week

Your blog posts are written and we put together your final brand files + marketing collateral.

Week 3: Blogs + Collateral

Your brand design gets finalized and we begin doing your SEO research to decide what blogs to write.

Week 2: Brand + SEO

Hop on a 1:1 vision call with us as we dive into your brand strategy. Then, we start designing the brand!

Week 1: Brand Design

Here's How it Works

At the core of the Intentional Changemaker Experience is a full rebrand. It includes all of the essentials: primary logo, 3 brand marks, pattern, color palette, fonts, and a brand guide. Plus, pick 3 marketing collateral items of your choice (Instagram templates, price guide, etc.) that we'll design for you.

Strategic Brand Design

Receive a 7-page custom website design plus a bonus Instagram links page. The website will be mobile optimized and we’ll optimize your images and integrate social media and email marketing. Plus, you’ll have a 1:1 Vision Call with us to dive into your website strategy. Three rounds of refinments (1x homepage, 2x full website) are included. At offboarding, you’ll get a recorded tutorial library, 72 hours post-launch support, launch graphics, and a launch success guide.

custom website design & development

You’ll get 6 conversion-driven blog posts with approximately 1500 words each and one round of revisions is included for each post. We’ll conduct in-depth keyword research to find what posts should be written, and you’ll choose the keywords based on our research! Plus, we’ll upload the blog posts to your website and publish them, while optimizing images, adding alt text, and writing a meta description for the post.

blog writing & strategy

You’ll receive website SEO optimization of all 7 of your website pages. You’ll also get keywords added to your website copy to help you better show up on Google, alt text added to all imagery, SEO-optimized page titles and meta descriptions, text properties set up, and proper layering if on Showit.

Advanced website seo optimization

This full rebrand experience includes everything that you need to be set up to draw in organic visitors and keep them scrolling on your website.

What’s Included In This Experience

Emily’s site after working with us

Emily’s site Before working with us

"I'm obsessed with my website and love knowing it's not a template and no one else out there has the same website. Working with Inkpot Creative was one of the best investments I've ever made in my business. My only regret is that I didn't find and hire KP earlier and save myself so much frustration. I will definitely be coming back to KP for all of my web design needs. She's amazing!"

Our client Emily (she/her) increased her website traffic by 20% through blogs - one post we strategically wrote receives 200+ clicks per month and brings in readers who are couples planning weddings from Michigan, the area she mainly photographs. She also received a website that she knew set her apart from competitors in her industry (goodbye templates!).

From a templated website to a stand-out design & 20% organic traffic increase

Eilish's site after working with us

Eilish's site Before working with us

“If you’re seriously ready to elevate your business, you need to talk to Inkpot Creative. I received a website I honestly didn’t think was possible. KP took my abstract ideas and gave me something beautiful and concrete that I can’t wait to show off to the world! I can’t recommend Inkpot Creative enough!”

Immediately upon launching the new website, Eilish had a higher inquiry to booking rate and felt that the site was a true representation of her and her business, which allowed her to bring in aligned leads. After working together on blogging, she also saw a 39% increase in traffic organically from Google. 

Eilish (she/her) grew website traffic by 39% and saw a higher inquiry to booking rate

Kylee's site after working with us

Kylee's site Before working with us

“Inkpot Creative helps you design your website with a very quick but efficient and spot on system. They offer so many helpful ideas that 100% align with your business branding and are always open to the seemingly most bizarre or ‘out there’ ideas. If you want your site to stand out amongst the rest, hit up Inkpot.”

Kylee’s all-new website has a clearer user experience that showcases her offers in a way that makes sense for site visitors. Plus, she received a website that matched what her business was well known for, and enhanced her brand experience. Her website traffic increased 21%, with five blog posts now ranking on the first page of Google, targeting location keywords!

Kylee (she/her) has a clearer user experience & a site that lives up to her reputation

Mel's site after working with us

Mel's site Before working with us

“KP is the best! THE BEST. She overhauled my entire website and brand in, what felt like, overnight. She is crazy talented at compiling all of your wild ideas and somehow forming them into something tangible and is so warm and personable that you feel like you’ve been friends with her for years.”

Mel is a photographer who focuses heavily on weddings and day in the life photography for families, and she needed a website that combined both of those strategically. Now, she has just that - it’s got elegance and fun. Plus, one of the articles we wrote for her now ranks 3rd on Google and brings readers directly from her area looking for engagement photos.

Mel (she/her) finally had a website that represented both sides of her photography biz

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Kp & Jessie, both she/her/hers

KP and Jessie are the strategic web strategists behind Inkpot Creative®, who believe bold, boundary-pushing design should focus on user experience first. They design websites for LGBTQIA+-affirming photographers, wedding professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs by combining the perfect mix of spontaneity and intentionality. 

Say Hello to Your Boundary-Pushing Creative Team

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You are a photographer or service provider who has been in business for at least 1 year, and you have your offerings figured out.

You have a DIY brand/logo that you created or feel that your branding no longer accurately reflects the level of work that you produce.

You want a website that’s built right the first time that doesn’t die out every trend cycle.

You want to be able to step away from work to travel without worrying about your business not getting leads while you’re away.

You highly value inclusivity, and your business is LGBTQIA+-affirming. (So… you actually use the pronouns that you ask your leads for in your contact form.)


Are you a good fit for The Intentional Changemaker Experience?

Payment Plan Options: Pay in full | 6 monthly payments of $1483 | 12 monthly payments of $742


The Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

I have branding; CAN I STILL APPLY?

If you already have a brand that was strategically designed by another brand designer, we are more than happy to design with that brand. DIY branding is not a good fit for the Intentional Changemaker Experience as our goal is to get you the best ROI. Your brand's investment should always come BEFORE your website's.


As Showit Design Partners, we specialize in creating websites on the Showit platform. Showit is the best platform for online business owners who value a standout design while still keeping strong functionality and search engine optimization capabilities. We also take Squarespace and WordPress (built with Kadence or Elementor) websites if it's a better fit for you - just let us know!


We collaborate as much as possible with our clients during the experience to ensure the best results. We make it very clear from the start when you’ll be needed, down to the day, so that you can plan accordingly. Most of the work is upfront (writing the copy, completing your onboarding, uploading brand assets), while once the project starts, it’s just providing feedback.


Copywriting is not our zone of genius. Most of our clients write their own copy or hire a copywriter from our list of trusted referrals! However, we will place keywords throughout your copywriting to help you rank better on Google.

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The Intentional Changemaker is open for applications. Apply now using the link below!