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Jenni (she/they) is an incredible queer California-based photographer whose main offering is the Queer Soul Experience, which combines podcasting, a book, and a photoshoot all into one. 

With a switch over to Showit from Wix, Jenni's new website is equal parts image-driven and scroll-stopping, to keep visitors on the page until they hit that contact button.

Check out the transformation!

Jenni Chapman Photography

Jenni's original website was on Wix and the biggest concern was that it wasn't mobile optimized. When asked about the original site, Jenni said: "It was fine design wise, but didn't have that professional feel and certainly wasn't mobile optimized lol"

We knew that we could help not only level up the site design but also make sure mobile was in tip-top shape!

Before working together...

To make text skimmable, we used color block highlights on important words and sentences.

Skimmable Text

Jenni's blue color was used throughout the site to inspire action from visitors.

Blue for Action

To make the website feel more fluid and dynamic, wave elements were used on sections.

Wave Elements

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Jenni, owner of Jenni Chapman Photography

"It's hard to let go of doing your website yourself because it's so important. And you want to have control over everything and that's so valid. But I felt so heard, and so understood by you two, and it took something huge off my plate so I could focus on my actual business and my clients. I am so grateful."

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