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Kendra (she/her) is an amazing Boston and New England photographer who specializes in weddings. When we first connected, she was ready to ditch Flothemes and WordPress and take the leap to Showit.

Kendra booked our Custom Web Design service, where we create a brand new site over the course of two weeks. In the end, we designed an aligned site that felt luxurious yet sophisticated, showcasing her work.

See the full transformation from Flothemes to Showit web design.

K Engel Photography

When Kendra first connected with us, she was eager to learn more about Showit. It was getting difficult to maintain a FloThemes website, and she wanted a platform that allowed her to make changes quickly and easily when she needed. She also felt that her design was a bit templated, and was ready for something new.

Here's what Kendra had to say: "I felt like my old website was a little too "fake", not fully me, and a tad stuffy."

With our strategically-backed design process, we knew we could help Kendra achieve exactly what she was looking for.

Before working together...

From fine lines to mixed typography, we added elements of elegance & sophistication.

Elegant Touches

In order to drive conversions, we styled all CTAs the same and made sure they were placed well.


This design is meant to stand the test of time; it's not trendy, instead, it's classic.

Timeless Design

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Kendra, owner of K Engel Photography

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! Inkpot is the best, SO TALENTED, and is going to create you a website that will feel elevated and beautiful and you. You need to hire them yesterday. They're a dream to work with, the most organized, make it all so easy and clear and manageable. They are responsive to all your ideas and feedback and questions and are just simply wonderful."

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