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Kylee (she/her) is a Pennsylvania-based photographer who has a fun and colorful style. She mainly focuses on weddings and was in need of a website that reflected her current stage in business, as well as her super fun personality, so she was a perfect match for our custom website design service.

The final result was a website that was equal parts retro and strategic, that will keep her dream clients scrolling until they hit that contact button.

Take a look at what the final site looks like, as well as what Kylee had to say after we finished her website.

Kylee B Photography

Before working together, Kylee had built her website on her own using Showit. The site did a great job showcasing her style, but could be cleaned up for conversions and have an easier-to-follow user experience, which we put at the forefront of our goals for the project.

When asked about her website at the beginning of the project, Kylee said, “I didn't feel like it was serving well as a source for my potential clients to learn the details about what I offer as a business.”

We knew we could help her serve her potential clients better. Keep scrolling to see the result!

Before working together...

Nostalgic nods are seen throughout the website, including fun '90s style branded stickers.

Nostalgic Nods

Kylee's photos are colorful, so we made the website just as colorful yet clear to follow.

Lots of Vibrancy

To keep a visitor scrolling, we used wave elements to help the site feel more fluid.

Fluid Design

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Kylee, owner of Kylee B Photography

“Inkpot Creative helps you design your website with a very quick but efficient and spot on system. They offer so many helpful ideas that 100% align with your business branding and are always open to the seemingly most bizarre or 'out there' ideas. If you want your site to stand out amongst the rest, hit up Inkpot."

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