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Liz Brindley (she/her) is an illustrator and creative coach who was formerly Prints & Plants. Liz is a past client of ours who came back to us to have her website updated with her new branding after she changed her business name. 

The goal was to create a website that was standout and showcased her services in a way that was easy to understand.

Liz Brindley

Before working together, Liz's website was completely based on a Tonic template that was customized a bit. We had worked with Liz in the past to build new pages on the old website, too!

The main issue we wanted to address with the new website was making it easy to tell the difference between the illustration and coaching services. So, we came up with a strategy that used yellow/blue for coaching and pink/green for illustration.

Before working together...

The website features call-out text to make it easy for skimmers visiting the website.

Bold Call-Outs

Geometric shapes are used throughout to help add a touch of fun to the website.

Geometric Vibes

We used the color red throughout the site to draw the eye and inspire action on CTAs.

Red for Action

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

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