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Project Scope:

About the project:

Max Catterson (he/him) is an Indianapolis-based wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer. He wanted a new website that matched his personality so that he could start attracting the kind of clients he’d dreamed of.

The final result is completely drool-worthy. We brought Max from a one-page website to a completely immersive site that will keep his dream clients scrolling until they hit contact. Explore this case study below, or skip to the good part and use the button to check out his live website design.


Max Catterson

"Working with Inkpot Creative was a great choice for my brand. They were able to take the brand assets I provided them and turn them into a fun-colorful website that screams inclusivity to my target clients. Their process is incredibly detailed & straightforward, from pre-project questionnaires, day-to-day timelines, and even an inspirational Pinterest board. You know exactly what you need to provide before the project starts, and best of all, it's done in two weeks! It's so nice to have worked with a team with similar values that believes that all love is beautiful and deserves to be documented."

The Website

Website vibe:

+ Clean
+ Colorful
+ Fun

About the website:

When creating Max's website, one of the main goals was to create a website that showed right away that anyone who reached out for photography would be supported. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community himself, Max understands the hesitancy that may come with reaching out to wedding vendors (especially because at the time we were working together, he was planning his own wedding).

The result was a website that screamed color, was easy to navigate, and also had a friendly vibe, letting potential clients know all about the experience.




The Transformation: Before & After

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