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Max Catterson (he/him) is an Indianapolis-based wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer. He wanted a new website that matched his personality so that he could start attracting the kind of clients he’d dreamed of.

The final result is completely drool-worthy. We brought Max from a one-page website to a completely immersive site that will keep his dream clients scrolling until they hit contact. Explore this case study below, or skip to the good part and use the button to check out his live website design.

Max Catterson Photography

When we first connected with Max, he had a one page website created using a Showit template. It was getting the job done, but Max wanted to showcase more of his personality through his website while also showcasing inclusivity and the new branding that he had designed for himself.

Here's what Max had to say about his site before working with us: "Before working with you, I had a site I designed about 3 years ago. I knew it was time for a refresh & needed my site to speak more to my ideal clients. Sometimes, it’s too difficult to design for your own brand, so I knew I needed some help from someone with similar views and style."

Check out what his site looked like before working with Inkpot - it was mostly navy and grey and had a very square-like design.

Before working together...

For visitors who may be in a hurry or shopping around, we made text pop out with color & mixed typography.

Easy to Read

A handwritten font was used throughout the site with fun notes to guide the viewer.

Personality Touches

Even areas that are mostly light-colored backgrounds have slight pops of light blue.

Design with Depth

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Max, owner of Max Catterson Photography

"Working with Inkpot Creative was a great choice for my brand. They were able to take the brand assets I provided them and turn them into a fun-colorful website that screams inclusivity to my target clients. Their process is incredibly detailed & straightforward, from pre-project questionnaires, day-to-day timelines, and even an inspirational Pinterest board. You know exactly what you need to provide before the project starts, and best of all, it's done in two weeks! It's so nice to have worked with a team with similar values that believes that all love is beautiful and deserves to be documented."

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