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Mei Lin Barral (she/her) is a Chicago photographer for couples in love and their four-legged friends. She also focuses on photographing inclusive couples and creating an inclusive and safe space. Mei Lin was ready to upgrade her branding and website to something that showcased that!

Check out the official transformation below.

Mei Lin Barral Photography

When Mei Lin first reached out, she was already on Showit, our recommended platform for photographers. However, her site felt dated, and so did her branding. So, she hired us for our brand and web service.

Here’s what Mei Lin had to say before working together: “I liked my old website for what it was and the 'youth of my business' (as it were) it represented, but I knew it needed to be upgraded to better showcase everything my business is. It wasn’t reaching its full potential with my brand message to reach potential clients. It was fine for me to use at the time when I didn’t have the time or resources to improve it, but I knew my business would highly benefit from an upgrade!”

Keep scrolling to peep the new website and brand!

Before working together...

We used waves throughout the website to make the website feel more dynamic and fluid.

Dynamic Layout

Tons of imagery (styled as polaroids) are throughout the site to show Mei Lin's work.

Lots of Imagery

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Organic Shapes

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Mei Lin, owner of Mei Lin Barral Photography

"KP from Inkpot Creative was an absolute joy to work with and she created the most stunning, significant, and functional design. She is incredibly kind, understanding, organized, and professional. Hiring her for my brand and website design was easily the best decision I’ve made for my business. A thousand stars out of 5 for KP from Inkpot Creative!"

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