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One Bell Designs is a wedding planning company run by Rachel and Amy who are based in New England. They offer a variety of wedding planning services, and in early 2023, were ready to take the next step by having the website of their dreams built.

The result was a unique website based on our Charlie Showit Template, built in a way so that they can grow and expand over the next year if needed.

One Bell Designs

Rachel and Amy didn't have a website quite yet, but they had used Showit before and knew that it was the platform for them. They reached out already having their photography, branding, and copy done, so they were ready to book and move forward after choosing the Charlie template from our shop.

Before working together...

A layering effect was used throughout the site from the Charlie template.

Layering effects

To show their personality, lots of imagery was used throughout the website's pages.

Image Driven

The color dark purple was used strategically for CTAs to help drive action through the site.

Purple for Action

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

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