13 Wedding Photography Blog Ideas to Attract Your Ideal Client

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These wedding photography blog ideas will help you finally get out of the content rut and actually start writing.

If you’re a photographer looking to level up your business off social media, blogging can be your secret weapon. Not only can it be a great way to show off your work, but it also attracts those dreamy clients who vibe perfectly with your style because they are actively searching for what you offer.

Here at Inkpot Creative, we understand the power of blogging for photographers. It’s why we offer Back Pocket Blogger, a monthly blogging retainer for wedding photographers who want to rank on the first page of Google – but more on that later.

We’ve put together 13 great wedding photography blog ideas to help you stand out online and actually connect with couples who are ready to book you. Whether you are just starting or looking to refresh your content strategy, these ideas are designed to convert. Keep reading to start making your blog a magnet for dreamy photography clients!

Best wedding venues in [location]

Let’s start with one of the simplest and best photography blog ideas: writing about wedding venues in the location you photograph in. When couples are in the earliest stages of planning their wedding, one of the very first decisions they make is selecting the perfect venue.

By creating a blog post highlighting the top wedding venues in your location, you’re providing valuable information and easily positioning yourself as a knowledgeable local expert!

This type of content works really well for search engines because it attracts hyper-local traffic to your website. Plus, it can showcase your work at these venues to show clients that you actually know the venues you’re talking about, too. Clients are more likely to reach out to you knowing that you already know the venue like the back of your hand.

How to elope in [location]

Listen, as bloggers who consistently write articles for photographers… we wish more of y’all would start writing more about elopements if you photograph them! Elopements are generally pretty easy to rank for and again, it’s another great way to attract local, ideal clients.

Elopements have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Couples looking to elope are often seeking unique and intimate experiences with a photographer who gets them. By providing a detailed guide on eloping in your area (or the area you photograph often in), you position yourself as the expert who understands how to plan an elopement in your area.

Also, because a guide like this will include a lot of topics, like:

  • Best spots for elopements
  • How to get your marriage license to elope
  • Create ideas for making an elopement special

You’re very easily offering real value that can make the planning process so simple for couples. By putting your expertise at the forefront, it’s more likely that these couples will choose you to document their special day.

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[Specific location venue] wedding

Writing a blog post focused on a specific wedding venue is a fantastic way to attract local, ideal clients. This allows you to show your work off for a specific venue, highlight your skills and expertise, and even show couples what their day could look like at that venue.

This type of post, though primarily a portfolio post, is also extremely valuable for couples who are considering getting married at that particular venue. Be sure to include everything from the venue’s unique features to amenities and any other insider tips you know of to help clients decide if it’s a venue worth considering.

Tips for Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are usually the very first professional photos that a couple will be taking together, and many couples are going to be looking for guidance on how to make the most of the experience.

You’ll easily establish yourself as an expert who cares about the details and the overall experience by providing valuable tips, like what to wear and where to go. Blog post topics like this help couples feel more prepared and confident but also show your attention to detail and expertise, which clients will be looking for in a wedding photographer.

Plus… people searching for this may not even have an engagement photographer chosen yet, let alone a wedding photographer. So, you’ll be capturing traffic from couples at the right time in the planning process.

First Look vs No First Look

Writing a blog post like this is a great way to address a common wedding day decision that many couples might have questions about, making it one of the best wedding photography blog ideas.

By discussing the difference between the two, you’ll be giving your readers valuable insights that will help them make an informed, confident choice that’s aligned with their own personal preferences and wedding vision.

Then, be sure to include real-life examples from weddings that you’ve personally photographed to allow potential clients to see what each could look like, too. This is the type of content that easily shows your expertise and highlights your ability to help couples have a wedding day that actually feels like them, instead of what everyone else is telling them to do.

Wedding photos with dogs (or another pet)

Believe it or not, but lots of people search for specific wedding day photos. Wedding photos with dogs is one of those topics.

With a post topic like this, you can take the opportunity to show off all the photos from weddings you’ve gotten with furry friends – we all know how heartwarming they are.

Offer practical tips on how to include pets in wedding ceremonies and engagement photos, too, to help clients feel confident in their ability to handle a furry friend in any photo.

How to pick a wedding photographer

Writing a blog post on “How to pick a wedding photographer” is a pretty powerful way to attract clients actively looking for one! In a post like this, you’ll guide readers through one of the most important decisions of their big day.

By offering expert advice on what to look for in a photographer, such as style compatibility, portfolio quality, personality fit, and experience, you’ll be positioning yourself as a trustworthy resource.

Including questions couples should ask with examples of your own work will easily set you apart from others. This type of content doesn’t just educate potential clients but also subtly highlights why you might be the perfect choice, making it more likely that couples who value expertise and clarity in their decision-making process will be drawn to your services.

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Upcoming wedding trends

Wedding trends always come and go. And even if you don’t necessarily love trends, there are some couples who may want to incorporate them into their wedding, and it’s their day after all.

Create a post talking about wedding trends that you’re currently seeing or even ones that you love. Be sure to also add tidbits and insights about how to take trends and make them you’re own, too, so couples are able to have a day that really feels like them.

This type of content will easily connect with couples who value creativity, originality, and a photographer who can help bring their vision to life with the latest trends in mind.

Where to propose in [location]

This is another example of a blog post that you can write to target couples who are actively in the pre-engagement phase… aka, they’re probably going to be looking for a photographer soon!

You can write this article using the location that you photograph in, as well as other ones in the surrounding area. Be sure to use actual photos throughout the post, too, whether it’s engagement or proposal photos you’ve taken or just photos you’ve taken of each location.

Wedding day timeline tips

Let’s be honest: planning a wedding day can be a bit overwhelming. Take the time to write a blog post with all of your best tips when it comes to timeline (making time for photos of course) to demonstrate your own expertise and commitment to making their wedding experience as seamless as possible.

Use detailed examples and insights from past weddings as much as you can – especially using your own photos throughout. This type of blog post will appeal to clients who really value professional support, making them more likely to entrust you with their photography needs for their wedding.

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Guide to different photography styles

One type of blog post that we consistently see perform well for clients in Back Pocket Blogger is anything having to do with wedding photography styles.

You can break down different styles in one mega post—such as traditional, photojournalistic, fine art, and documentary—or split them up into their own posts (this is normally what we suggest).

Try to focus mostly on the styles that you like to photograph so that you can promote your services a bit more easily throughout, positioning yourself as a great fit.

How to choose the perfect venue

This topic pairs pretty well with the first topic we suggested. But it’s a great idea to write a post like this to give your own advice on what to consider when it comes to choosing a perfect venue. Be sure to cover elements like capacity, style, architecture, location, and amenities, as well as anything else that you think is important!

Throughout, be sure to show your own wedding photos, especially ones that show off different venues and how they can look on the reader’s big day.

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Where to get wedding outfits in [location]

Last but certainly not least, you can also write a blog post on where to get wedding outfits in your specific location! Again, people looking for this are actively planning a wedding, and they might not even have a photographer yet.

Focus on highlighting some of your favorite local boutiques, stores, and designers for wedding attire in your area. Be sure to share places that have similar values to yours.

Well, there you have it – now you know all about our top 13 photography blog ideas.

If you’re interested in completely handing off your blogging, be sure to check out Back Pocket Blogger. We’d love to help you rank on the first page of Google with blog posts as a photographer.

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