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Are you looking for romantic website design inspiration? You’ve found the right article!

Say hello to the website designed for A Lost Epic in 2022. This website features romantic elements throughout, from fine lines to decadent patterns and more.

As a Showit website designer, I’ve created lots of website designs over the years, but this one for A Lost Epic is one of my absolute favorites. It was built on the Showit platform, which is my go-to for all creative wedding professionals.

Keep reading to learn more about this romantic website design for A Lost Epic.

About A Lost Epic

Phone mockups showing a navy and dark purple website design.

A Lost Epic is run by Leah (she/her), an amazing videographer based in New Jersey who creates films for those whose love is vast. She was looking to level up her brand and website and booked our combo brand and web package that we do in collaboration with another brand designer, Bethany Works®.

In addition to creating films for couples, she also does family and event videography on occasion.

The goal was to create a website that stood out from the crowd while also elevating the romanticism of her new branding. To do this, we used fine lines throughout the site (to bring a touch of elegance & to draw the eye) in addition to lots of parallax imagery throughout to add touches of movement without using too much video.

How Leah felt before working with us

Screen mockups showing a videographer website with a blue background.

Leah had been feeling stuck with her website for quite a while. She wanted something that was both professional and high-end but couldn’t find the right platform or the right designer to bring it to life.

Many of our clients feel overwhelmed with all there is to do when it comes to designing and launching a website, but also know that they want something that feels like them. (Personality-driven design is one of our specialties.)

When Leah first reached out, she already had a site on another platform and was ready to make the jump over to Showit. Even though Showit seemed like a great fit for Leah’s needs, she wasn’t sure if she could make the design strategic and successful without help.

Leah had been feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about her website before working with us, too. She was never happy with how it looked, but felt like she had to make do with it just to have something up.

When showing her website to others, she felt like she had to explain the issues because they were obvious – no matter how “okay” the design seemed, there was no plan or strategy behind it.

As a videographer, Leah wanted something that could evolve and grow alongside her business, instead of relying on free templates made for photographers that she had to work with in her field.

She invested in the custom brand and website service because her old branding was created by her as well and she was ready for a full level up to really elevate her client experience.

The Strategy Created for this Romantic Website Design

Phone and tablet mockups showing a website designed for a videographer with a dark purple background.

We never design anything here without coming up with a strategy first. So, we did what we do best and created a one-of-a-kind strategy for this romantic website design for A Lost Epic.

Leah’s website needed to evoke romanticism and professionalism and guide users throughout the pages.

To achieve this, we added touches of movement throughout the site with her video work and parallax imagery. This enabled us to keep visitors engaged while adding a visual component to Leah’s portfolio.

Additionally, linear elements were used throughout the design to help guide the eye naturally across the page. We made sure that each line was purposeful and created a sense of cohesion with her brand strategy.

The overall design of the website was kept very clean and modern so that it would be easy for users to browse through Leah’s work without becoming overwhelmed by the visuals. We used white space strategically and chose bold imagery that stood out but still fit within her greater brand strategy created by Bethany.

All images were chosen for their quality and composition in order to create an overall look that was consistent with Leah’s style.

Screen mockups showing a videographer website with text that says "Filmmaking for people whose love is vast."

The navigation menu was designed in a way that enabled users to quickly find what they were looking for without becoming lost on the page. We implemented fine lines from each side to add a touch of elegance and made sure that all pages had clear headers so that visitors could easily read where they were on the site.

Every element of Leah’s website was purposefully chosen in order to create an experience that works fluidly with her branding strategy and showcases her work beautifully.

Overall, we wanted Leah’s website to tell her story in a visually engaging way while also creating an enjoyable browsing experience for visitors from start to finish.

We achieved this by incorporating touches of movement, using linear elements, and keeping the design clean – all components that contribute to making it easy for viewers to quickly find what they need while staying captivated by Leah’s stunning work, prompting visitors to reach out and get in touch.

We design almost all of our websites on Showit, but it’s not the best fit for everybody. If you’re struggling to find out what website platform is best for your business, take our free website quiz!

Final thoughts: What Leah, our client, thought about the romantic website design

Phone mockups showing a videographer design on Showit with a blue background.

Having a website that is both captivating and romantic can be a powerful tool for any business. As demonstrated, with A Lost Epic, we were able to create a romantic website design that successfully portrayed the right message and aesthetic.

The website immediately brings the user on an emotional journey that sets it apart from other websites.

Here’s what Leah had to say when she saw the final website:

“I love my site now. It feels like such a strong representation of my business. It feels polished, stylish, unique. I feel like it matches the value/quality level of my work so much better.”

Ready to create your own beautiful Showit website? Get in touch with us today! We specialize in Showit designs and can help you craft a unique web presence that perfectly matches your vision.

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