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Samantha Hoilett (she/her) is an incredible copywriter who offers a myriad of different services and programs to help other business owners reach their ideal clients through the written word.

She reached out to have her WordPress website transformed, so we did a One Day Website (now called Semi-Custom Website Design) using the Santana template! This is our most popular template and we completely transformed it in just one day.

Check out the transformation!

Samantha Hoilett

Samantha had a site built on WordPress when she first reached out. She liked it, but it wasn't as branded as it could be and wasn't providing the best experience for her clients because she used to just send them to Dubsado instead. The website wasn't serving the purpose of nurturing for leads as it was supposed to.

When asked about her website, Samantha said, "My website felt cold and uninviting & didn't match the credibility I had built in my business. I would just point people right to Dubsado if I could, since I didn't want them to see my website."

Before working together...

Each section of the site plays with the next, creating a seamless flow from section to section.

Playful Sections

Pops of color were used throughout to help Samantha's site feel very branded.

pops of color

We took a unique approach to CTAs and made them long so they'd stand out.

Easy CTAs

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

Samantha, owner of Samantha Hoilett

"Best investment of the year - and it's only March! 😉 I feel so much more confident in my online presence and feel more in control about first impressions beyond Instagram."

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