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About the project:

Shel Francis Creative is run by Shel (she/her), a Denver-area photographer who focuses on weddings, couples, and branding photography. She recently redid her branding and was ready to elevate her site to feel more in line with the work she was putting out.

So, Shel was the perfect fit for our custom website design service. The final result was a website that felt so uniquely like her and really elevated the current style that she has. 


Shelby Perez

"You need KP in your life. I am so impressed with her business processes and ethics and not to mention her skill in general. Her thoughtful approach to connecting and learning your needs is top-notch. You need to hire her."

The Website

Website Vibe:

+ Fun
+ Memorable
+ Organized

About the website:

The goal when creating Shel's new site was to create something that truly felt like an extension of her personality. She specifically said she wanted it to feel like she was "extending a smile to you right as you visit." With her new branding feeling very human, bright, and artful, we knew that we could help make it happen.

At the same time, the website had to feel organized. We added fun human touches throughout to make it almost feel like Shel took a pen to her site.


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