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This Showit photography website is absolutely beautiful and on-brand for Mei Lin Barral Photography. As a wedding photographer who loves helping couples in love and their four-legged friends, it just made sense to have a website that was earthy and calming.

As a creative photography website designer, I’ve built many other photography sites from scratch on the Showit platform, and this is definitely one of my favorites. Whether you just want some photographer site design inspiration or want your own website designed, you’ll want to read through this post to hear more about the project.

Here’s the Showit photography website for Mei Lin Barral Photography!

It All Starts with Photography Branding

Phone sitting on a white journal next to a white leaf

Mei Lin actually invested in our custom brand and website service. Back when she reached out, we actually still offered full-service branding but have since partnered with an incredible brand strategist who creates the branding with our clients!

So, before the website design portion of the project commenced, we worked with Mei Lin to create an up-leveled branding experience for her business. Her branding wasn’t where she wanted it to be and featured a script font that was reminiscent of many other wedding photographers’ logos.

When asked about her branding when we started the project, this is what Mei Lin said:

“The brand I had crafted was very near and dear to my heart, but the design for that brand was definitely lacking. (The brand message wasn’t being conveyed through the design).”

So, we went to the drawing board and ended up crafting an intentional brand with elevated brand colors, a warm yet conversational logo, and an entire type suite to match. We kept her core values in mind the entire time while designing to help create something that was truly strategic that would speak to the audience she wanted it to.

Mei Lin loved the branding and said:

“The brand [KP] created for me perfectly reflects my brand message, and so now I can feel more confident in how potential clients view my work. Everything from the main logo, secondary logo, brand marks, submarks, & more is incredibly cohesive and gorgeous. It aligns with my brand + core values and demonstrates them visually with stunning design.”

After nailing down the branding, it was time to move on to the website!

An Earthy Web Design with Natural Vibes

wedding photography showit website on an ipad on a stool

This Showit photography website is truly unique! However, when Mei Lin first connected with us about her website, she felt that it no longer represented where her business was and who she was trying to connect with. Similar to the brand design, she felt that it wasn’t connecting well with her brand’s core values anymore and felt stuck in the past.

Luckily, Mei Lin was already on Showit, which is the platform that we design websites on and recommend to all of our photographer clients!

When it came to her website, Mei Lin definitely let us know that she wanted something that felt fluid and not blocky throughout the site. This meant we got to play around a lot with layouts and ended up choosing a wave to use throughout the website design!

While designing the site, the main purpose was to keep that initial branding we created in mind to make sure that everything went together cohesively.

We kept Mei Lin updated along the way and sent drafts three times; once for the home page and twice for the entire website.

Here’s what Mei Lin said about the process:

“Absolutely everything KP did made me feel supported both design/artist wise and emotionally. Design-wise through every step in the creative process, I was reassured I made the best decision for my business because I could see KP work her magic and all the hard work she did. Emotionally it was amazing because it can definitely be a stressful time (there are a lot of decisions to be made), but KP’s organization and attention to detail made this the easiest and most fun process. From start to finish I was extremely happy with everything she created and all the steps she took to make sure I understood how to do everything. From offering beautiful presentations to the BEST and MOST helpful video walkthroughs, and guides on how best to provide feedback for the best success KP thought of every detail to make this seamless and most of all, FUN!”

Arches, Waves, & Other Unique Website Elements

iphone sitting on a table next to a cup. The phone has a photographer website pulled up.

In addition to the waves for this Showit photography website, we added some boho elements throughout it. There are arches (reminiscent of weddings), floral decorations, and of course, tons of hover effects that someone wouldn’t expect when visiting the site.

The main goal here was to create a website that would keep someone on Mei Lin’s site with visual interest. This unique layout design that’s clean, cohesive, strategic, and visually interesting combined with Mei Lin’s incredible photography would immediately help her stick out from the crowd of other photography websites.

We ended up creating a multitude of pages for this website, including a homepage, about, contact, experience, galleries (with separate pages for each type of gallery), experience, blog, and single post page. Of course, we also created an Instagram links page too so Mei Lin could ditch linktree!

A Calming Showit Photography Website

ipad on a wooden table next to an apple pencil and vase

Even though the Inkpot Creative team was obsessed with this Showit photography website, it was more important to us that our client felt happy with the site too. Mei Lin felt that this was truly the website of her dreams and that it would help bring her business to new heights!

When she received the final website, Mei Lin said, “She’s thought of every single detail – from providing different file types automatically, to providing the direct links for where to buy font licenses, and more. Every part of this process was intricately prepared so that even things you didn’t know you’d need or want was already taken care of. Above all else, KP from Inkpot Creative was an absolute joy to work with and she created the most stunning, significant, and functional design. She is incredibly kind, understanding, organized, and professional. Hiring her for my brand and website design was easily the best decision I’ve made for my business. A thousand stars out of 5 for KP from Inkpot Creative!”

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