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Are you looking for a cool tattoo shop website design? Well, we created one last year for our client, MADE Tattoo & Mercantile.

As Showit website designers, we were ecstatic to take this project on. We’ve designed 50+ websites since starting our business a few years ago, but most of our projects have been for coaches, copywriters, photographers, and wedding planners. We were so thrilled to work with such a unique business and hope to work with more tattoo shops in the future!

The final result of this project is one stand-out tattoo shop website design that’s incredibly unique and minimalistic. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Background on Chloe Jane

A laptop with a webpage pulled up sitting on a table next to a notebook and pen and vase with a wooden chair on the right.

Chloe, the visionary behind MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile, had a unique vision for her tattoo studio. Unlike the stereotypical tattoo parlors that often exude a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, Chloe aimed to create an environment of tranquility and inclusivity!

This refreshing approach resonated with many individuals seeking not only top-notch tattoo artistry but also a peaceful space to experience it. It was one of our favorite things about working on this project; Chloe is truly a changemaker working to make something so different than what is already out there.

Coming up with a strategy for the tattoo shop website design

A person holding a phone in one hand and a small glass in the other.

When Chloe approached the team at Inkpot Creative, she already possessed a strong brand identity and was successfully leveraging Instagram to attract clients!

However, she recognized the need for a dedicated online space to showcase her studio’s artists, display their work, and promote upcoming events. Moreover, Chloe realized that a well-crafted website could elevate her business’s professional image, especially given the presence of a physical store.

The strategy we created was a reflection of Chloe’s aspirations and the essence of MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile:

  1. Inspirational Color Palette: To maintain consistency with MADE’s established branding, we incorporated the studio’s signature grey color throughout the website as a call-to-action color. This subtle yet impactful touch served as a visual thread that tied different sections of the site together in places where we wanted people to take action.
  2. Arch Shapes for Uniqueness: Taking inspiration from the artistic elements present within the physical studio, arch shapes were integrated into the website design. These arches echoed the decorative arches within the physical shop, creating a seamless transition from the online to the offline experience!
  3. Embracing White Space: A significant aspect of MADÉ’s ambiance is the feeling of calm and serenity. To convey this sensation in the virtual space, we used ample white space, allowing elements to breathe and ensuring a visually pleasing browsing experience.

Designing the pages of the website in a day

A hand reaching for a water glass on a table with notebooks, an open laptop, and a small plant next to it.

The transformation of MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile’s online platform was from the power of efficient collaboration and a clear design vision. Leveraging the versatile Clarke Showit template, we embarked on the journey of reimagining the website to mirror the studio’s tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

In just a day, we completely designed the entire site.

Some stand-out pages from the site include (in our humble opinion):

  • The homepage. The website’s homepage serves as a virtual welcome mat, mirroring the warmth that visitors experience when entering the physical studio, which we LOVE. The incorporation of soft movements and a captivating GIF website logo immediately sets the tone for a unique online encounter. (We’re a huge fan of having fun GIFs as logos on websites.)
  • Showcase of artist’s work. One of the main objectives of the website was to showcase the studio’s talented artists. We designed an artist spotlight/about page, complete with a short bio and links to social media handles.

Ensuring a mobile + desktop consistent flow

Hands adjusting an iPad that is laying down on a desk with a notebook, pen, and small plant to the right.

In today’s digital landscape, a cohesive browsing experience across various devices is SO important. (Let’s be honest… who even really looks for things on a desktop now?)

Recognizing this, we ensured that MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile’s website maintained a consistent flow across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Every element of the website was meticulously optimized to adapt to different screen sizes. This approach guarantees that visitors receive an equally engaging experience whether they’re browsing on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer!

This is also one of the reasons that we use and love the Showit platform because we have full design capabilities when it comes to designing the mobile version of a website.

Plus, the user-friendly navigation remains consistent across devices, ensuring that visitors can effortlessly explore the studio’s offerings without encountering any hiccups.

Because so much of their traffic will come from Instagram, an engaging mobile-friendly design was A MUST.

We design almost all of our websites on Showit, but it’s not the best fit for everybody. If you’re struggling to find out what website platform is best for your business, take our free website quiz!

Final thoughts: website design for a tattoo shop

A webpage pulled up on an open laptop with two small vases next to it.

The evolution of MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile’s online presence showcases the potential of thoughtful and minimalistic design in shaping a brand’s image. Chloe’s commitment to offering a unique and serene tattoo experience found its digital counterpart in the studio’s brand-new Showit website.

By leveraging the power of color, shape, and space, we successfully translated MADÉ’s physical ambiance into the virtual world. The website now stands as a billboard showcasing the studio’s commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the art of tattooing.

In a world where first impressions are often made online, MADÉ Tattoo!

Plus, Chloe was so happy with the final result. Here’s what she had to say:

“You all are so responsive and so clear on anything that comes up. I feel like there were informational videos for every step of the way and found that the response time if I had questions was so incredibly fast. As a business owner who always has a lot on her plate, I am SO grateful for your time and attention and proficiency in what you do.”

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