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At Inkpot, we love collaborating with photographers and creatives who aren’t afraid to stand out. That describes Kylee B Photography perfectly. Kylee’s retro-inspired branding is designed to attract clients who will love her colorful photography and party vibes. We created a unique website design that keeps users engaged and simplifies the inquiry process so Kylee can connect with her dream clients.

Different pages of a photography website are open over a dark blue field.

A Photography Brand with Retro Party Vibes

Kylee came to Inkpot ready to elevate her website. Her original site wasn’t designed with the intentionality that would best showcase her photography. When asked about her old site, Kylee said, “I didn’t feel like it was serving well as a source for my potential clients to learn the details about what I offer as a business.” Inkpot Creative stepped in to come up with a unique website design that would let Kylee’s brand personality and amazing photography shine.

When Kylee shared her brand assets, we could see how much she loves energetic, retro vibes. This makes sense for her dream clients – high key couples who have super fun wedding parties that let loose on the dance floor. Kylee’s main goal was to visually tell her brand’s story in a web design that would attract those clients. 

Kylee’s retro-inspired brand assets included a playful color palette and fonts with big personalities. She gave us a lot of design elements to work with too. We were able to create a unique website design that brings together an unconventional look with a strategic user experience. 

A unique website design is open on three phone screens.

Creating a Unique Website Design from Scratch

We let Kylee’s ideal clients and nostalgic branding guide our decisions in designing her custom Showit website. Her brand is retro and spunky. We wanted to convey that through a website by making it feel like parts of a diary you might have kept when you were a teenager. Throughout the site, you’ll notice sticker elements that look like they would’ve been placed on the front of a notebook. They bring an edge that’s nostalgic yet fun, instead of the sentimental spin you often see on wedding photography websites.

Kylee’s personality is energetic and fun. To give you a sense of it, her copy includes the phrase “congratu-freaking-lations!” We wanted her unique website design to highlight that for potential clients. We focused on calling out specific words around the site with color block underlines. The user experience feels a bit clearer while also showing visitors what they should pay attention to.

We also decided to place CTA buttons strategically throughout the site. Like the color block underlines, it communicates what’s most important. For a photographer, that’s encouraging inquiries. We made it easy for potential clients to inquire with Kylee by including on multiple pages.

A custom Showit website features rainbows and bright colors.

Kylee’s Custom Showit Design

Before we built Kylee’s unique website design, we used our signature process to collect everything we needed to build a custom Showit site in just two weeks. Kylee loved the questionnaires that put her “in the right mindset to make quick decisions throughout the two weeks” we worked together. Because we communicated details and timelines from the start, Kylee could enjoy the experience of getting a new site instead of dread it.

Kylee’s site is dynamic and downright different from a lot of wedding photographers. Like Kylee’s photography, it screams color and fun. Visitors will remember this site over competitors. The design is full of surprises that encourage people to make a move and submit an inquiry.

When we delivered Kylee’s Showit website, she was living for it! She appreciated the ideas we offered along the way to make the most out of her branding and the effort we took to incorporate her feedback. She felt like her website clearly stood out from other wedding photographers. 

Three tablets show a unique website design for a photographer.

Most importantly, Kylee’s custom Showit site speaks right to her dream clients. The yellows, oranges, greens, and blues along with the surprising shapes make the website feel like a party. It aligns perfectly with her photos of couples laughing, dancing, and celebrating. You can check out Kylee’s custom Showit website here

Are you ready to work with Inkpot Creative on a unique website design? Reach out, and let’s collaborate on a creative and colorful Showit site! 

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