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Can you build a website in one day? With the proper planning ahead of time, absolutely! We designed this entire website for a Virginia photographer in just one day.

Many people seem to think that when it comes to designing a site with this fast turnaround, everything is done within the design day. I hate to break it to you, but that’s not the case. In fact, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into it, from collecting branding, website copy, and even planning out the overall vision of the site before designing.

Want to know more? Keep reading to learn about how we created this website in one day.

The Strategy Behind a VIP Day

Jannatul, the incredible photographer behind Jannatul Pramanik Photography, reached out in early spring 2022 to have her website completely redesigned. She had invested in the Santana Showit template from our signature Not Your Average Template Shop in fall 2021 and was ready to fast-track the build because she was busy.

We immediately got her into our books, and since she had already purchased a template from our shop, we gave her our template shop discount for her One Day Website.

Prior to the day of her project, we had a lot to prep for. We collected her brand copywriting for each of her pages, her photography, and her branding, which we actually designed for her!

When asked about her thoughts on her brand and website before we started working together, Jannatul said, “I felt unsure of how to present myself & how to showcase who I am. I had an idea of what I wanted to be as a brand but I didn’t have anything to visually represent that beyond my social media accounts.”

Branding Before Website Design

Back when Jannatul booked this project, we used to offer branding as a standalone service still; we’ve since changed our services to offer web design strictly, but do still partner with a brand strategist with a fun combo package, too.

So, we started by building out her branding. Jannatul wanted a very nature-inspired brand with hints of jewel tones, so I had a lot of fun designing it out and getting her feedback along the way.

In addition, we added some incredible plant illustrations with natural shapes behind them that we could use throughout the website to make it feel even more organic. Wait until you see how it turned out on the final website!

After Jannatul saw the final result, she said, “I LOVE IT! KP did an amazing job in translating my vision into a visual representation of my brand and who I want to showcase to potential clients. I feel a deeper connection to my business – from the colors to the formatting, KP’s attention to detail was impressive and SPOT ON! I feel like working with you has made so many branding facets of my work come together in a cohesive and intentional way!!”

Time to Build the Website in One Day!

When it was time to build Jannatul’s website in one day, we immediately got to work. We started off with the homepage and made homepage edits before continuing onto the rest of the website. Because so much work was put into the project before the design day, the actual VIP day went so smoothly.

Even though we started off with the Santana template, we spent a lot of time making differences in the design so that it wouldn’t feel exactly like the template. That’s the power of our One Day Website; we strive to change the template up and completely customize it so that you don’t have to!

We started off by stretching a lot of the sections so that they took up the full width of the screen. Then, we went through, added in the website copy, and used italics to add emphasis. Finally, we put all of her great images throughout the website and started to reassess to see how it was coming together.

Once it was looking perfect, we took the time to put together her offboarindg materials, including some fun launch graphics, so she could share her new website in style. We also made sure that she had access to our specialty template customization course so that she could further make edits if needed.

When asked about the process, Jannatul said, “Your clear instructions and consistent check ins were so helpful to keep me on track. There were a lot of different aspects to my website & I appreciated how you really streamlined the process to effectively compile each facet in a cohesive way.”

The Final Result: Happy Client & an Awesome Website

The final result was a super unique version of the Santana template with this website in one day! Plus, there were lots of fun one-of-a-kind elements, like the illustrations, custom layouts (we custom designed a lot of the gallery), and tons of movement.

If you want to check out the final website, click here. Note that Jannatul may have made changes since we worked together, which we encourage! We want all of our clients to feel empowered to make changes after we are done working together.

When asked about the final design, Jannatul said, “Inkpot Creative is truly remarkable – KP was so effective in integrating my vision and mission in every aspect of my website. My brand is reflective of who I am and what I want to communicate with my business. You are missing out if you are not working with KP!”

If you want a transformation like Jannatul’s, to have a website that’s truly reflective of what you want to communicate in business, we’d love to chat with you. Click here to get in touch!

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