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Eilish Bailey Photography is a brand for laid-back humans with a bit of an edge. Having worked with Inkpot Creative in the past to do branding, Eilish knew that she had to work with us on her website template customization. With our One Day Website service, we created a semi-custom Showit website for Eilish in just one day! The result is a colorful, unexpected site that feels really unique. Best of all, it helped Eilish level up her bookings.

A customized Showit template is open on various devices.

An Evolving Photography Brand

Eilish is a long-time client of Inkpot Creative. Before she went full-time with her photography, she hired us to do her branding. We loved creating colorful brand assets with plenty of personality. Her palette of teal, orange, and neutrals set her apart from a lot of wedding photographers. Even her fonts have the rock ‘n’ roll vibe that is so important to Eilish’s brand and the clients she loves working with. Eilish was so happy with the branding that she immediately reached out to do a website template customization through our One Day Website service!

When thinking about her old website, Eilish said, “I was a little embarrassed by it. It didn’t reflect my business or myself at all, and it felt super dated (very 2010s).” Her Pixieset website design didn’t do her new branding justice or speak to her ideal clients. She wanted a design that would showcase her unique personality and photography style in a way that set her apart from her competitors in her area. We understood that she wanted potential clients to visit her site and immediately know whether Eilish was the right photographer for them.

Clearly, Eilish was ready for a change. She’d seen me talk about Showit a lot and decided it was time to ditch Pixieset. Given where she was in transitioning to full-time with her business, a website template customization seemed like the right move. We picked a Showit template from the Inkpot Creative shop and got to work.

Cell phones display Eilish's website template customization.

Creative Website Template Customization

Even though we used a template as the foundation for Eilish’s web design, we wanted her site to feel one-of-a-kind. We decided to take Eilish’s love of classic rock and carry it through the website design. Eilish’s ideal clients are fun people who don’t mind getting their clothes dirty when they dance hard on their wedding day. They also share Eilish’s chill approach and sense of humor. The website template customization nods to this with its warm colors and funky fonts.

Our main goal was to help Eilish attract her ideal client and highlight her personality without being over the top. Eilish picked a simple, clean template, so her site ended up being clear and easy to navigate. Users don’t get lost in the design, but it still feels unconventional in some ways. The website has a bit of an edge with textures, cool icons, and a hidden hover effect. Her footer logo also changes colors for a glam rock effect. 

Four tablets show different pages from a photography website.

Converting Visitors to Clients with a Website Template Customization

In the end, we were able to balance functionality and edgy aesthetics to create a web design authentic to Eilish’s brand. When she saw the final product, she said, “I can’t contain my excitement! I keep looking at it over and over because it is everything I could have wanted, but was never able to envision. I feel confident in my brand and that it will attract the right clientele for me.” We couldn’t ask for better feedback than that!

Working with Eilish was a great experience for us too. Instead of passively saying “yes” to everything we presented, she really collaborated with us to make sure her website template customization was just right. She shared ideas and concepts that we were able to translate into a web design that looked custom even though it started as a template.

A website template customization project is open on various devices.

Eilish’s One Day Website came together perfectly to represent her photography brand. The best metric for success has been the increase in Eilish’s bookings. She let me know that her inquiries increased within a week of launching her site! Since then, her inquiry to booking rate has improved considerably. This shows us that we succeeded in bringing together strategic user experience with beautifully clever design. Your website shouldn’t just look good. It should convert!

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