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A Lost Epic is run by Leah (she/her), an amazing videographer who creates films for those whose love is vast. She was looking to level up her brand and website and booked our combo brand + web package that we do in collaboration with another brand designer, Bethany Works®.

The goal was to create a website that stood out from the crowd while also elevated the romanticism of her new branding. To do this, we used fine lines throughout the site (to bring a touch of elegance & to draw the eye) in addition to lots of parallax imagery throughout to add touches of movement without using too much video.

A Lost Epic

When Leah first reached out, she had a site on another platform and was ready to move over to Showit. She decided to make the move on her own, and instantly realized how great and intuitive Showit was, but wanted someone to bring together a design that would be intuitive for her website users too.

She invested in the custom brand and website service because her branding was created by her as well and she was ready for a full level up to really elevate her client experience.

Before working together...

We wanted the design to be very clean so that it would guide users easily throughout.

Clean Design

Lines are used throughout the website to guide the eye and build off Leah's brand strategy.

linear elements

Because Leah's a videographer, we wanted to add movement through video and parallax imagery.

Touches of movement

Our Strategy Solutions

The New Website

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