Good vs Bad Feedback Examples When Working with a Designer

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Wondering about good vs bad feedback examples, especially when working with an online designer?

Good feedback and bad feedback are both important when working with a designer. The way you provide feedback can have a huge impact on how your project turns out.

Take it from me – I’m a website designer and have worked with countless clients since 2020 when I founded my business. I’ve had lots of experience with different clients as well as various types of feedback.

Knowing how to give good feedback and avoid giving bad feedback can make all the difference in having a successful project. In this blog post, we will discuss examples of good vs bad feedback when working with a designer.

These are all fake examples.

Good vs Bad Feedback

Bad Feedback Examples

“Make the title bigger, move this over here, then change this color to this hex code. Oh, also, can I see what it would look like with this color instead, just to see if I like it?”

This is an example of bad feedback, and that’s just because it is better to be transparent about the issues you see so that the designer can then work to problem solve using their own background with design and their own design expertise.

So, for instance, it’s probably better to say something along the lines of “This title seems like it could be hard to read. Can we come up with a way to fix this?” This makes it more collaborative when you’re providing that feedback.

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“I don’t like this, redo it.”

This is obviously an example of bad feedback. This is bad because you know what you don’t like about it, so be sure to explain what you don’t like instead.

Often, there are probably at least some parts that you do like, so it wouldn’t make sense to have the whole thing redone.

It’s also not necessarily about your own personal design interests because a lot of the design decisions that your designer is making are made based on your own ideal client, not on whether they think you’ll like it or not, and this is because, at the end of the day, you are usually not your ideal client.

Usually, the person you’re trying to reach, talk to, and sell to is somebody completely different.

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Good Feedback Examples

“I’d love to hear your design decision behind making the CTAs this color. Would you mind explaining why you chose this over any of the other colors in my brand’s color palette?”

Now, this is an example of great feedback. This is another kind of comment we have received. So this is good feedback because, instead of immediately telling the designer that you want all of your CTA buttons to be neon orange instead of neon yellow, you’re actually asking for their reasoning behind it.

Designers always have a reason behind every design choice that they make. For instance, here at Inkpot, we implement strategy into everything we do, and you’ll find that pretty much every other designer does the same.

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“I really like X and Y. However, I’m wondering if there’s something different we could try for the layout of Z.”

This is an example of good feedback, and that’s because it’s always good to let a designer know what you do like so that they can get a feel for the types of design that you know you resonate with and what you don’t.

Even though everything is based more on your ideal client, you do want to make sure that you like the design as well.

Final Thoughts: Effective and ineffective feedback examples

Keep in mind that every designer’s feedback preferences are going to be completely different. If your designer isn’t making it clear how they want to be given feedback, don’t be afraid to ask at all, and remember that at the end of the day, don’t forget that designers are human too, so try to be kind when you are in the feedback portion of a project.

I hope you enjoyed this post about good vs bad feedback for designers!

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