Luxury Website Design for a Boston Wedding Photographer

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This luxury website design is sure to make your jaw drop! Created for a Boston-area wedding photographer, it’s filled with so many fun, elegant touches that make it stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re looking for website design inspiration or you’re just curious about this awesome project, you’re in luck. Take a behind-the-scenes look at this amazing website designed in early 2022 for a client of ours.

Here’s everything to know about this luxury website design!

An Elegant Website Design That Started on FloThemes

Ipad with a wedding website pulled up on a gray table

Kendra found Inkpot Creative through another awesome website that we created for Mei Lin Barral Photography (one of our favorite websites to date). She applied to work with us and was pretty much completely ready to go, but like with most projects, we started with a quick call before deciding if we were a quick fit.

On the call, she let me know that she was on FloThemes but was no longer happy with how her site design was looking. It was getting to the point where it was hard to make something look exactly how she wanted and she was pretty much sold on Showit (our platform of choice) already!

When asked about her website design before we started working together, Kendra said, “I felt like my old website was a little too ‘fake’, not fully me, and a tad stuffy.”

When we work with our clients, we want their website to feel so incredibly like them and their brand to the point where they can’t help but scream about their new website from the rooftops. Your website should be a place that you’re proud to send your clients to!

The Goals of This Modern Luxury Website

phone on a stack of books

For this luxury website design, the goal was to create something that had a similar vibe to her old site but with a more strategic design. So, that pretty much meant that we got to let our minds run wild with ideas while we were designing!

There were a few things that we wanted to focus on with this website design, like:

  • Making the site feel whimsical yet elevated
  • Featuring lots of layers, whether with the text or an image on an image
  • Using fine lines to bring a sense of elegance and to help guide the eye throughout the website

Before getting started on the design, we added Kendra to her own custom portal, which we now use Notion for. The portal is where we communicate with the client throughout the project and collect everything we need for the design.

The client has a few tasks, like, providing the website copy, uploading their photos, sharing their branding, and more. It does feel like a lot of tasks, but it’s so worth it in the end once they see their final website design!

Luckily, we do provide everything in a checklist format and provide due dates as soon as the client books with us so they know exactly what is due and when. We always recommend they add these to their calendar, but we do send a reminder before the project starts to make sure everything is done in time.

A Minimalist Luxury Website Built from Scratch on Showit

Laptop next to two gray mugs

The first thing we did for this luxury website design was move Kendra over to Showit so that she could have a lot more control over her design. Then, we got to work designing the homepage and send that over for review.

After making some edits, we then sent over full site drafts of the entire site twice so that Kendra could leave feedback on that, too.

Needless to say, she loved it! Kendra said this after seeing the website:

“I feel like my new website is so fully me and the brand I want to portray. It feels warm and inviting and sophisticated but completely approachable. It’s a refined version of what I had but in all the right ways and just so freaking beautiful and sexy. I truly feel proud of it in a way that I have not previously felt.”

We aim to make our process as smooth as possible for our clients. Even when using tools that we know they’ve used before, we put together quick tutorial videos just for them that breaks down how to use it, just in case!

Emails are sent almost daily throughout the project weeks because we have a 2-week turnaround with our custom website design service. We want our clients to stay in the loop the entire time and not be kept guessing about what’s going on with their project. (Trust me, I’ve been there with other projects on the client side where I felt completely lost!)

Here’s what Kendra had to say about the process:

“Literally everything [about the process]! It’s so organized! It was so easy to work with all of your tools, and you were so fast to respond and so clear throughout the whole process. I truly can’t thank you enough for being so patient and so willing to make things exactly as I was picturing in my head.”

The Result: The Best Luxury Website Design for a Photographer!

Phone sitting on top of journals with a pen

In the end, we created an absolutely beautiful website for K Engel Photography that not only are we obsessed with, but so is our client. It’s a very unique website that feels cohesive, sophisticated, yet elevated, to help Kendra sell her high-end photography services.

Want to check out her new site? Click here!

When asked about what Kendra would say in a testimonial, she said:

“I would say WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! KP is the best, SO TALENTED, and is going to create you a website that will feel elevated and beautiful and you. You need to hire her yesterday. She’s a dream to work with, the most organized, makes it all so easy and clear and manageable. She is responsive to all your ideas and feedback and questions and is just simply wonderful.”

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