Shifted Focus Photography is a Pennsylvania-based photography studio run by Mel, who focuses on wedding and documentary-style life sessions. She was looking to elevate her website presence!

Mel invested in my custom website design service and my mini branding service (which is a now retired service) and we completely transformed her website and branding over the course of two weeks.

Before working together, Mel’s site wasn’t fully reflecting what her style was. It had a sense of elegance (perfect because she shoots weddings) but was missing the playful touch, since she also shot families. It was time to find a balance between them! See the new site below.

About The Project

Note that the website may have changed since project hand-off. 

February 2022

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Custom Brand + Web Design



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Shifted Focus Photography

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The Transformation



Let’s get your show on the road in just one day. We’ll customize a Showit template from our shop to get your business in motion fast.

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A 1:1 collab to build a fully custom and colorful site. I dedicate two weeks to creating a one-of-a-kind Showit website that’s equal parts dreamy and effective.

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The luxury all-inclusive resort of website design. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Sandals experience, though. Get the full treatment with a stand out brand and custom website design.

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Your Website Could Be Next.

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