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Are you looking for the best wedding planner website design? You’re in luck. This gorgeous custom Showit website created in summer 2022 by Inkpot Creative for K Cutright Wedding Coordination + Design truly knocks other event planner website designs out of the park.

Whether you’re looking for wedding planner website examples because you want inspiration or you are a wedding professional looking for you’re own brand new website, you’ll love learning more about this quirky website. It has many simple yet unique touches that add a huge punch of personality, which is different from traditional websites for wedding planners.

Take a look at this Showit wedding planner website design!

Creating a Wedding Planner Website on Showit

Phone sitting in a bowl on top of two notebooks.

Our process with Kelsey started just like it does with every other custom website design project; we had a Vision Call with her! This is our signature session where we discuss the overall vision of the website before we start designing.

We do this with our client the week before their project starts because we want to make sure we start on the right page and don’t design in the wrong direction on our first day due to our quick timeline. This call is traditionally anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes; it totally depends on how many questions our client has.

During the call, we ask questions like:

  • What’s the primary goal of your website?
  • Are there any colors in your color palette you for sure want us to use minimally?
  • When it comes to your website pages, is any special functionality needed?
  • Do you have an opt-in that you’ll be promoting on your website?

These notes from the call are then compiled into a signature website strategy document that we send after we meet to get client approval. It outlines everything we talked about in one single PDF, around 20 pages to make sure the design direction is spot-on!

Once we finally started designing, Kelsey was obsessed. She even said this about the process:

“I like that you just took my ideas and ran with it. I also like that there was a timeline, so I knew what to expect each day.”

Adding Small Touches for a Quirky Website Design

ipad with a wedding website pulled up sitting on a white notebook. Next to it are a pair of glasses, mug with coffee, black and gold pen, and a croissant on a white plate.

When we first connected with Kelsey, she said that her site was “definitely useable, but very boring.” So, what does that mean? We had the ability to make this wedding planner website design completely unique. In fact, it’s what Kelsey wanted!

Luckily, we were also moving Kelsey from Squarespace over to Showit, which is what we specialize in for designing websites. Showit is an incredible website platform that has absolutely no limits when it comes to creativity, and no coding is needed to create a beautiful site.

At Inkpot Creative, our goal is to create a website that you feel empowered to edit on your own!

Because Kelsey wanted quirky to showcase her personality, we had lots of fun. The wireframe included fun patterns that she found of an astronaut drinking coffee (yes, you read that right) as well as unique plug and 90’s pattern designs.

The funny thing is, looking at her website upon first glance, you wouldn’t even realize that those are what the patterns are of because we made them so subtle. So, on the surface, it looks like a “classic” wedding planner website, and then the more closely you look, the more unique you see that it actually is!

Layers Upon Layers for a Unique Look

Ipad with K Cutright's website pulled up. To the left is a plant and a pair of glasses. To the right is a croissant, cup of coffee, and two notebooks.

When it came to this wedding event planner website design, we added tons of layers to make the site feel interesting as someone scrolls through it. Even in the image above, you can see the images are layered with color blocks with diagonal backgrounds which help break up the blockiness that a website normally has.

We also used text call-outs with highlights behind different words to draw the user’s eye throughout the website. This helps those of us who love to skim when visiting a website to see what parts of the sections are most important! We did this strategically for Kelsey’s wedding planner website design.

Throughout the site, we also used layers in other ways. Kelsey made it super clear that she didn’t want to have blockiness on her site, especially coming from Squarespace. So, in addition to the diagonal background sections, there are also wavy places throughout!

We also added lots of movement to add even more to the visual interest without taking away from the website’s strategy. There’s interactivity with hidden Showit canvases, logo gifs, galleries that change images on their own, and more.

Curious about Kelsey’s site and want to visit it for yourself? Check out K. Cutright Wedding Coordination + Design here!

The Best Wedding Planner Website Design!

Phone sitting on a leather journal next to a black and gold pen and a plant.

In the end, we created a wedding planner website design that we loved, but our client was hella obsessed too. Here’s what Kelsey said upon receiving her final website:

“100% recommend KP to renovate your website! [She] turned my simple and boring website, and made it full of personality, added everything that was missing, and transformed it into a super fun (but professional) site. I really liked that they offered a payment plan too — very very helpful. AND the turn around time was magnificent.”

The final result was truly a website that’s unlike others in her industry, which is our goal with our custom website design service. We want you to have a website that’s unique in your industry so that when people visit it, your services and business stand out even more in their minds, making them want to come back and smash that contact button. We want them to get on the sales call with you and already know that they are ready to sign.

Are you ready to level up your own website like Kelsey’s? Click here to get in touch! We’d love to learn more about your business and help to create the website of your wildest dreams.

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