9 Website Launch Announcement Ideas for the Most Epic Launch Yet

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One of the best feelings ever is having the website of your dreams designed, so congrats on having that happen. It’s officially time to launch now, which is the easy part, but you need some website launch announcement ideas.

Luckily, this post was put together with you in mind, and you can even find a freebie for new website launch graphics to help you launch with ease. Whether you’re launching for the first time or you’ve done it before, this post will help you immensely.

Here are the best website launch announcement ideas.

Make Use of Social Media

One of the easiest new website launch ideas is to make use of your social media. You’ve most likely been fostering a community on some platform already, so make social media posts about your website when it’s officially launched.

You can even great mockups of your site using a tool like Canva or Photoshop to show off your new site in style. Grab a free Canva website mockup template using the form below!

To get fun with it, consider completely changing up your social media grid leading up to your official launch. You could post a fun countdown-type set of posts leading up to the official day that you’ll be launching.

Use Your Existing Relationships

Yes, you can definitely connect with your other business friends to try to get them to take part in the website launch! Send them a quick message and let them know about your launch. They’d probably be more than happy to share about it on their story because they’re your friend.

You can also even leverage your friends and family outside of your business. If you let your family know that you have a new website launching, they’d probably be super likely to share about it, even if it’s on their personal Facebook page.

You never know; someone who could purchase from you might see your new website just by a family member sharing it!

Man with his hands on a laptop keyboard.

Host a Giveaway

While this may seem like one of the more obvious website launch announcement ideas, you’d be shocked how many people don’t try it! One of the easiest and quickest ways to get more eyeballs on your content is to give something away for free.

So, consider hosting a giveaway! You can host it on all of your social platforms or just one; it’s completely up to you. Ideas of what to give away to your followers include a digital product, a 1:1 session with you, or even something easy like a Starbucks gift card.

For entering your giveaway, be sure to give lots of thought to what someone has to do. Try to make one of the components either tagging a friend or sharing your post to make sure you get more eyeballs on it!

Keep in mind that a giveaway shouldn’t be much work for you or the person entering. The less that someone has to do to enter, the more likely they are to reshare your post and enter into the giveaway.

Create Fun Announcement Packages

If you want to have some fun, consider putting together an entire branded package that you can send as a goodie box to others to let them know that you have a new website launching. Get branded notebooks, keychains, or even cookies! It’s completely up to you.

For the real icing on the cake, be sure to get personalized boxes custom-made as well. Make everything as on-brand as possible to get people super pumped about your new website launch. Even be sure to put a handwritten card in the package letting people know what’s going on!

Two images of a coach's website.

Get Creative with PR

Consider getting clever with public relations opportunities. Can you pop into any podcast episodes? Host an Instagram Live with someone else? Obviously, you wouldn’t have an entire event with someone about your launch (I mean, maybe you would??), but maybe you can slip in there somehow that you have a new website coming and that you want to share about it.

Make Teaser Videos

If you really want to get fancy, throw together a set of teaser videos showing little snippets of your brand new website. Obviously, don’t give everything away or people will be less hyped on the official launch day of your site.

There are many different places that you can create these videos, but a great affordable option is on Canva. If you have an Adobe subscription, consider making one on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Try to keep these videos fairly short to encourage people to watch all the way through. When you share it, make sure your caption is also engaging, and end the video with the official launch date of your website, so people know it’s coming.

Host a Launch Party

Yes, you can totally host an entire launch party for your brand new website if you want to! Have your friends and family over to celebrate with you if you want to have an in-person event. It’ll be so much better to have your loved ones with you!

Another option is to have an Instagram Live or TikTok Live launch party where anyone can tune in and celebrate with you. This can be another great way to build awareness about the fact that you have a brand new website coming, and you can even show it right on Live to get people more excited!

ipad with a photographer site pulled up. Next to it is a green leaf, white notebook, and black and gold pen.

Write a Blog Post

Put together a blog post talking about your website design experience with your designer and share that you have a brand new website! This can be a great way to both give props to your designer while sharing your love for them and also showcasing that your site is new.

You could even get really fancy with it by showcasing what your site looked like before and after. Talk about what you were looking for and how the site turned out. This can be a great way to get people excited, and you can even share the blog post in an email to your list or on your social media stories.

For an example of one of these posts, check out this awesome blog written by one of my past clients, Mei Lin Barral!

Send a Launch Email

Last but not least, send an email to your list to let them know that you have a brand new website! Put this email out right when the site launches to get people on your site fast. Everyone is nosy and loves to see something new, especially if they knew that it was coming thanks to you sharing countdowns.

In this launch email, consider including some type of incentive for people who visit your website in the day that you send it. Maybe you could send a coupon code with your email for any products you sell or you could even offer a special discount on your services if you really wanted to, just to celebrate!

This post was all about the best website launch announcement ideas. Best of luck launching your website to the world!

Psst… do you still need your website built before you can even launch? Click here to check out our services!

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