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Should you put pricing on your website? It’s a question many online business entrepreneurs are asking as they get their online businesses off the ground.

As a website designer, I’ve helped countless clients determine the best way to approach pricing on their sites. They want to know if they should be open and honest about their pricing or if they should keep it hidden away before hopping on a call with a potential customer.

It can be difficult to decide which route to take, especially since there isn’t a universal rule or answer that applies to every situation. That’s why I’m here! I’ll help you figure out whether or not you should put pricing on your website and provide guidance for how you can go about doing so if it’s the right choice for your business.

Keep reading to find out the answer to if you should put pricing on your website.

Displaying Prices on Website: My Thoughts

Now, I’m definitely in the camp of, yes, you should put your pricing on your website. I believe pricing should be accessible because I tend to only reach out to people if I can see their pricing ahead of time to avoid an awkward conversation.

But I want to delve into the reasons why you may opt to or decide rather have your pricing hidden.

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Reasons to Show Pricing on Your Website


One of the main reasons you may choose to have your pricing on your site is transparency.

So if you think about it, when you’re shopping at your grocery store, you probably appreciate that when you go to pick up a gallon of milk, you can see how much it costs, right?

If there was no label, you would probably be shocked if you went to the cash register and were checking out to buy that gallon of milk and you found out that it was $30 when you expected it to be $4.

That’s kind of my thought process behind why you should add pricing to a website. Even when I’m looking to hire someone for their zone of genius to help me out, I’m the type of person who prefers to see pricing on a site.

Now, this isn’t to say that you have to have your pricing clear as day with huge arrows pointing to it or anything like that. You could absolutely create a price guide opt-in to grow your email list with potential leads and still be transparent with your pricing.

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To grow your email list

So this is actually what I do on my site. To do this, consider creating a hidden price guide page on your website that you can redirect to when someone fills out the price guide. Another option is just to create a PDF that you can just email to them when they fill the form out.

I think either way works perfectly. With this, you can also start to grow your list of people who are interested in your services but maybe aren’t ready to invest just yet.

I personally don’t mind having to fill out a quick form on another person’s site to see pricing. I think we’re also used to just giving other emails, so as long as there’s a way for me to access pricing before I reach out, I am completely happy.

Reasons to Not Show Pricing on Your Website

Now, you could also decide not to even have pricing at all on your side. So a lot of courses I’ve taken for design have actually suggested this, and it’s totally up to whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Create custom packages for clients every time

The idea behind this decision is that you want to chat with a client on a call before giving them pricing to see what their budget is and how much value that service is to them. Then you send a proposal talking about that value. But this could cause some sticker shock depending on how that call went.

You’re willing to work with everyone’s budget

Another reason you may choose to do this is if you’re willing to work within everybody’s budget. So maybe a client wants a new website, but they can’t afford the five grand that you would normally charge for a custom one.

So instead, you propose a half VIP day or something within their budget. It really just depends on how you look at it.

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Could keeping pricing off your site deter customers?

You could also potentially be deterring people like me, for instance, from reaching out by not having your pricing accessible on your website. You’ll probably also get lots of messages about pricing before people even fill out an inquiry form.

So, should you have pricing on your website?

It’s completely up to you. However, I definitely believe that it’s better to have your pricing somewhere on your site, whether directly on your services page or by accessing a pricing page. You could also try both options and see what works best for you and your customers.

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